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In my book, I divided sections into episodes. I found that as I was writing, each chapter acted like an episode in a TV series, despite being at different lengths. In all, there are 24 episodes, enough for a series. However, this is only a draft of the full story. When I finally get it printed, there will be a few changes. Since the story won't change, with knowledge of what to expect in the finished novel, you can get an idea about if you will like the story or not. I hope you enjoy it.

J.D. Nyle
  • Prologue: Release 5/28/14
  1. Dream into Reality: 5/28/14
  2. The Shining Princess:  5/31/14
  3. Blazing Top: 6/4/14
  4. Setting Out: 6/7/14
  5. Thief of the Night: 6/11/14
  6. The Sword of Thunder: 6/14/14
  7. Wind Storm: 6/21/14
  8. Tactical Maneuvering: 6/25/14
  9. National Plan: 7/2/14
  10. Fall of a Hero: 7/5/14
  11. Wild Thing: 7/9/14
  12. The Warrior of Fire: 7/12/14
  13. The Warrior of Lightning: 7/23/14
  14. The Orphaned Girl: 7/26/14
  15. The Cave of Darkness: 7/30/14
  16. Jungle Adventure: 8/6/14
  17. The Shift Tactic: 8/9/14
  18. The Bird and the Samurai: 8/13/14
  19. Fire and Lightning: 8/16/14
  20. Ensis Angeli: 8/20/14
  21. Stealth and Tactics: 8/27/14
  22. The Match of Seals, Wind and Fire: 8/30/14
  23. The Battle of Fort Tempest: 9/6/14
  24. A Shining Hero: 9/6/14
The Future of Neostriker
I'm currently no accepting fanfiction at the moment. I do look forward to reading them, but right now there is no time for going through them.

I also shared half of it on Wattpad if you would like to read it on your tablet. If you like the story, please tell your friends. I would totally love to publish a hardcopy version to make it easier to read but I need support. At the moment, the only thing I can add to it is a page for each episode devoted to how I designed the chapters, characters, and ideas that changed. Unfortunately, that alone isn't enough to convince publishers that it will sell so I need some vocal support. Maybe we need a twitter campaign #publishNeostriker

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