Monday, May 16, 2016

What you can expect from the printed edition of Shining

    So I'm still determined to try and get Shining published in print. Of course, since the full story is already published on this blog, do I expect many people to buy it? Perhaps. Something I've noticed is that people don't care for reading novels online. However, those who can actually go through the entire text online probably actually enjoyed it and would like a hardcover copy. If I get my way and make it only $10, then it could work. If people are willing to pay $15, though, that would certainly help cover the fees I had to pay.
    However, I'm not going to simply copy and paste what I posted and publish the book that way. I've already sent the text to an editor and got back the results. Now I am absolutely not changing the story, but I am correcting the grammatical errors present. Since I didn't major in English, I don't know exactly the rules for everything so I'm accepting most of the suggestions.
    In addition, the editor pointed out some wording that would sound insultingly sexist despite no intention to be so. When I examined it, I agreed that it wasn't any good to have them so those have been edited or taken out.
    I've also inserted a mini Episode 10b. It can totally be skipped, but it was something I planned to add to the print version since before I started sharing it online, I just was too tired to write it then. There's no action, only dialog for development purposes. The idea was to show what happened to one of the characters between chapters 10 and 11. It also helps to slow down the pace a little before the action starts up again.
    There will likely be an appendix to help keep track of the various enemies and abilities. Since there are so many enemies, it could be confusing for the reader. Hopefully the appendix will help keep everything straight.
    Something you may notice is some wording has been changed to better reflect my opinion on Magic. The problem is that Shining was written before I fully developed that idea and, even though it wasn't intended to look like that, it does seem like Zel is the source of David's powers. I guess the best way of interpreting that is to consider Zel's nature and therefore Zel is not the true source but the intermediate. I may perhaps try and change the wording more to better reflect the philosophy to emphasize that David was chosen.
    The last thing I've planned is to add notes at the end of each chapter. These notes may reflect on specific characters, ideas, or the development of that episode. There is a lot of details that I could possibly write another book about the development of Shining. However, it'll probably just be 1 page per episode here in order to keep the book a fair size.

    The result is that you can know exactly what you are buying. If you want to sample the work, you can read what I've published here or on Wattpad. That way you can determine if you are interested in the story. If you are and you want more tidbits about the development, the printed edition should be perfect for you.

J. D. Nyle

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