Monday, July 31, 2017

Neostriker's Mascot and Logo

There is not much to update on this month in terms of book progress as I am still waiting for the final draft of the book cover art. However, one thing I have realized is the importance of having a mascot. When I thought about what I would like my mascot to be, I was tempted to pick Sunflare, the legendary bird. However, when it comes down to simplicity of drawing, as well as what I like to draw a lot, I decided the fox was the best candidate. When I reflected more, it became even more evident that the fox was my favorite.

There were two parallel paths to developing Neostriker that eventually converged. One was the Legend of Zelda and Mega Man hybrid while the other was Digimon and Pokemon clone. In the second path, the first non-Digimon and non-Pokemon creature I can recall making was a fox based off a stuffed animal I received somewhere. In fact, that fox still sits upon my desk as it was one of my favorite toys and I look at it almost every day. Coincidentally in Shining, the first "real" creature you encounter is the fox.

Here is a quick drawing of the fox mascot, Lumecyx.

The shape outline is also important because I made it roughly to be the design I had for the logo long ago, but I thought if I drew the fox in the shape, it would look more appealing.

As for the design, it was a simple thing that I thought looked pretty. Occasionally I thought of it like an ocean wave. This made it nice to integrate with the general sun crest which I figured would be the Nellenion crest

That's all I have for this month. Hopefully the cover art will be completed in time for the next update.

J. D. Nyle

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Legend: Stopping a Mob

It has been a while since I shared a story. That is partially because I haven't been able to write much lately. However, I recently had an idea and so wrote up a quick draft of a legend to further build up the character of the prince. At some point I hope to return and elaborate on it, but I hope you enjoy the current draft.

J. D. Nyle

Legends: How the Prince Stopped a Mob

Long ago, there was a certain foreigner who took residence inn the castle town. He was a good man and a skilled blacksmith. His shop was fairly successful due to the high quality set at decent prices. However, one man of similar trade became envious of this success and so began to incite people against him. Soon enough, he gathered enough people with prejudice into a mob and they began matching towards the Foreigner's shop.

When they arrived, the foreigner was nowhere to be seen. The mob was about ready to destroy the shop when a man came running. He said, "He's not here! Follow me!"

The mob followed the man to a house. One of the mob, realizing it was the house of another member called out, "What is he doing in your house?! Hand him over to us or we will burn it down!" The accused answered, "I don't know. He's not there under my protection. That's for sure."
"You're lying, aren't you?! I've seen you by his shop before. Admit it! You're protecting him!"
"I'm not. I'll go grab him myself if he's there!"
Just then, another man came running and calling out, "He's not here anymore! Follow me!"
The mob followed the man, but the accused quietly dropped out of the mob. As the mob moved further away, he heard a voice say, "Scary, wasn't it? The mob attacking an innocent man?"
The man turned and saw the Prince.
The Prince continued, "A flame it's a very useful thing, but let it grow uncontrollably and it will only lead to destruction rather than progress. Just like the irrational mob. In this case and quite often, the target is a good and innocent man. And if it were not for another man, you too.
The man behind this mob is merely envious of the success. It's a shame he didn't use his charisma for good instead."
"Won't you do anything to stop this madness?"
"In due time"
The mob continued to follow the man to another house where a similar breakout occurred. Then another man came and left them to another place. This process continued for some time and members of the mob snuck away either due to exhaustion or internal strife and then the Prince would talk with them is like the first. Eventually the group found the man they were after. The leader of the mob step forth and said, "We finally found you. We don't want your kind in this town. Time to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. Let's get him!"
Just then, the Prince stepped in between and said, "That's far enough. We already know the true purpose of this mob is to remove competition for you."
"What are you talking about? We're here to protect our town. If the king won't, then we will! Let's go, men!"
No one moved to the leader's surprise. The Prince responded, "The Court's investigation had already found this man to be perfectly innocent and good but you to be the real perpetrator because of your envy of this man's success in your trade. Now let me ask you something. What happens to the leader of a mob when the mob no longer exists?"
The mob leader looked around and realized what had happened. "Knights!" He exclaimed. "You replaced my men with knights!"
"Exactly. And now you are under arrest for inciting the mob against the innocent."
And that is how the prince stopped a mob.