Thursday, May 5, 2016

Legend: The Wandering Warrior Part 1

It's been a while since I've shared a Legend. Part of it was the development of this one is a pretty big one as it ties to the next novel. As a result, I need to make sure everything is planned well up to the point it ties in. It also means that it may be revised. This is labeled as Part 1 because it is intended to have a 2nd part that properly leads into the novel. However, that one is more critical to get correct so it will probably be a while before I publish it.

J. D. Nyle

Legend: The Wandering Warrior Part 1

               The wind pushed a green cloak against a figure as he traversed the rocky landscape. The figure did not mind as his sights were square ahead and he had grown used to the wind at his back. Eventually, he came across a fallen tree and the wind paused so he sat.
               "Someone's body is claiming to be a hungry and weary traveler"
               The cloaked figure turned his head and found an elderly man with a staff seated on the tree bark. He laughed and stated, "After wandering for days with barely a loaf of bread, I don't blame that said body."
               "If that's the case, how about you hunt for the two of us?" the elder suggested. "I may have neither blade nor strength, but I can pay you well when I reach my destination."
               "Is there a specific thing you had in mind?"
               "A wolf. They are creatures of great strength and I have heard they can survive without eating for days. If we can eat one, perhaps we may recover our strength for days."
The wanderer laughed. "I doubt very much that, but how do you suggest I obtain wolf-meat if I am weak myself. Wolves normally stick in packs. Even then, how should I expect to find any?"
               This time the elder laughed as he said, "I would have thought that a warrior such as yourself would be able to think of something. I can at least assist you with direction. I saw traces of a pack alongside where my back is turned. Perhaps there you may find one we can eat."
               The wind picked up again, moving in the direction the sage-haired man indicated. Taking note of this, the green cloaked figure accepted this quest.
               Soon, the wanderer found wolf tracks and indeed they appeared to belong to a pack. Examining the tracks, he determined the general direction and speed they were moving. He followed them carefully, paying attention to his surroundings so as to not let them get the jump on him. Every crackle of the fallen leaves caught his attention, accounting for the swoosh of the breeze that followed behind him.
               Some time later, the cloaked figure found his prey. A large tree had fallen and laid on top of a lone wolf. He could see that effort was spent and wasted on escaping. The other point of interest is that there were no traces of the rest of the pack.
               The warrior unsheathed his sword and moved toward the ensnared beast. Then after taking a long look, he returned his blade to its scabbard. Carefully patting the back of the wolf's head, he spoke words of encouragement. When the wolf had calmed down, the wanderer assisted in freeing it from its wooden burden.
               Free at last, the wolf gazed at its rescuer and then scattered off. The wanderer then took note of the change in the wind and followed it back to the elder.

               When he returned to the elder, he was surprised to find another man serving him soup. The elder smiled at the confused warrior and instructed, "Sit down and eat some soup. Kind Karlos has brought enough for all of us. The laborer deserves his rest and food."
               "But I failed in bringing what you requested," the wanderer replied.
               "But not in what I had intended you to do."
               Seeing that the elder's bowl was empty, Karlos said, "Prophet Simulaen, would you care for more soup?"
               "That would be marvelous, Karlos. Please prepare one for my friend here as well."
               "Prophet?" the wanderer interjected with a surprise on his face.
               "Ah! Yes, I am indeed a prophet. That is how I knew you would be here. That is how I knew about the wolf. Now how about we make things fair and you share your name with me."
               "Uh, yes. My name is Celram... But you meant for me to save that wolf?"
                "I guess it wouldn't have mattered much if you killed it, but I preferred to see your kindness rather than ruthlessness, despite your desperation. I know now that I can indeed trust you with my mission."
               Celram accepted the bowl from Karlos and waited for the prophet to answer.
              "Karlos, your soup is one of the best I have ever had," Simulaen said before focusing on Celram. "You should try the soup before it gets cold, my friend. You will need your strength for the task I'm about to give. As to why you'll accept it, that's quite simple. You will find what you are looking for."
               "What am I looking for?"
               "You know the answer, and I'm telling you that you will find it. Or rather, it will find you."
               Celram pondered for a moment. "What is this quest you will have me do?"
               "To help some people," Simulaen replied. "Karlos, do you have what I requested?"
               "Yes, prophet Simulaen. I brought it in a bag like you requested."
               Karlos brought over a bag and opened it before Celram. It contained a good amount of gold.
               "This should cover your expenses," the prophet said. "All I want you to do is help those who need it. Your quest is over when you find what you are looking for. One more thing..." The prophet dug his hand into a pocket and pulled out a ring. "This ring is yours to keep. When you find what you are looking for, then you will know what it is for."

               Celram accepted the ring and gave it a quick flip with his thumb. It made a nice ring. "Okay," he answered and took to his meal. The wind had stopped.

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