Friday, April 22, 2016

Why Shining is Special

To the Reader,
    Neostriker: Shining is a very interesting book from my point of view. When I wrote it, I did not care about it. It was just a little side project to write a story in a parallel universe. Since I did not care about how good it could become, I threw in all of my ideas that could not take place in the current Neostriker Canon. It wasn't until about when I had finished that I realized I could no longer return to the old stories. Shining was the bridge linking the old with the new and I had crossed it.
    After this realization, I began work on my next novel which would tell the story of the Nellenion Kingdom. I wrote the first chapter and then decided that this novel should be the best it can be. This meant I had to determine a writing style and practice. The only story that I had already written that could fulfill this task was indeed Shining.
    I had already mentioned how Shining was like a scratchpad. It contained ideas I wanted to implement and adding writing styles to it was no different. The result is that Shining is perhaps a great book to study when it comes to writing. It may not be great, but because I tried to dabble in different things, there are many story elements to explore. The fact that they appear somewhat randomly kind of works with the theme of Dreaming. Like I said, it's an interesting book because things like that just happen and they work together. When I look over the novel again and again, a new idea pops into my head and I think, "This can be considered far more complex than I had ever planned."
    The novel has grown on me over the past few years. It has a sense of nostalgia but also maturity. It's a hodgepodge of ideas, but they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It's a bit cliche, but also deep. It's the kind of story that might be entertaining the first time, but better the second and third. Perhaps a good summary of Shining is that it's a novel that shows the creative process from wish to fulfillment.

    I hope you enjoy my book now and when I hope it can be published in print. The fact that it's my first novel means it can also use some editing. However, if you can bear with my lack of writing skills, perhaps you can see how I developed my opinion of topics such as Magic.

J. D. Nyle

P. S. If you want to read the full novel, you can access the page with links to all of the chapters at . There is also half of it on Wattpad for Tablet and Mobile devices.

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