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Episode 4: Setting Out

Episode 3 Recap:
       At Professor Lokaf's party, David learned a little more about the Neostriker civilization found by the professor in his dig. The party is interrupted by Daelians who wished to destroy any copy of the scroll the professor may have. David as Neocyx raced through the hotel to rescue Jenny and defeat the Daelian commander, also obtaining the first Elite Stone.

EPISODE 4: Setting Out

            The next day, David was entering into an old waterworks building as Neocyx. He stepped back and took a breath.
            “You know we should be looking for that Elite Stone, right?” Zel reminded the youth.
            “I know, I know, but this feeling. I’m catching that excitement Jenny mentioned in the car. This is the first dungeon in an epic quest.”
            “Whatever, at least while you were standing still, I drafted a rough blueprint of the building. This should help us from getting lost. If you enter a room, I can create a clearer 3D model of it.”
             “Thanks, Zel. That will really be helpful. Can you also locate where the Elite Stone is?”
            “Nope, you will have to do the legwork on that one. Hold up, I can sense some DE Neomon around the corner.”
            The Shadow Fox took a glance around the corner and found some amphibian type monsters called amphnoids and a few Daelain soldiers searching for something in cabinets. The youth had two options, to sneak by undetected or try to defeat them all without allowing them to warn others. However, the excitement of starting this adventure pulled him straight into combat. He attacked and neofied all of the Daelian units with no problem, except for a stern warning from Zel.
            “It would have been wiser to determine why they were searching the cabinets.”
            “Just the Elite Stone, right? What else would they be looking for?”
            “You don’t know, that’s the problem. You need to be cautious in your actions, don’t let all of this power go to your head. It can get you into trouble. Remember what the professor said before we got here?”
            The youth did remember.  Not knowing his new companions so well and being fairly shy, David sat in the back of the van and contemplated different ways of initiating a conversation but never actually saying anything. Luckily, Jenny came up with a way first.
            “Have you ever been on an excavation before?” she asked, turning her body to face him.
            “No…” the youth responded, pondering how else he could have responded.
            “Yeah, I guess I should have expected that…  But isn’t this exciting? It’s like we’re on an epic, mythical quest and you’re the mighty warrior!”
            Jenny’s excitement had begun to rub off on David. Seeing the joy on her face made him feel more at ease and ready to begin this adventure. Just then, the professor decided to chime in.
            “This is a serious quest, Jenny. Things are going to get dangerous.”
            “That’s okay. David is here to protect us,” she replied with the utmost assurance and faith in their protector.
            The professor glanced into his rearview mirror at David and then focused his eyes on the road. “David, to be honest, as a father, I find it difficult to place my daughter in this situation...”
Jenny wanted to object, but a simple hand motion from Professor Lokaf told her to let him finish.
“I know your father believes in you, and Zel has given his promise, but I know from history what power does to people. I worry that it might do the same to you.”
“What do you mean?” David leaned in.
“I’m sure you have heard the maxim, ‘Power corrupts.’ The reason is because temptations only occur when you perceive you can do something. So when someone, even a good person, is suddenly given power, he becomes subject to many temptations to abuse his power.”
“But Zel says I can only use my power for good, otherwise it won’t work.”
“And I’m acting on faith that what he said is true. However, there are some things that a normal boy would be tempted to do on a trip like this,” He glanced at his daughter who then rolled her eyes. “Don’t betray my trust.”
            “I understand,” The youth nodded.  However, the conversation began to make him question his wish. After contemplating for a few seconds, he asked, “So what does that mean about inventions? Is it bad to invent something since that could give men power and therefore corrupt them?”
            “You sound like you don’t have much faith in mankind,” Jenny remarked, rejoining the conversation. “If everyone who had a brilliant idea only expected the evil to use them, there would never be any progress.”
            “She’s right,” the professor supported her. “No matter what it is, an invention is going to be used for evil, but the inventor must have faith that the good people will triumph and civilization will progress. Considering the number of inventions in history and that we are still here, I say we can have some hope in the good people of humanity.”
            “Dad, we’re getting close,” Jenny exclaimed after checking at her phone.
            Waking from this recollection, David asked Zel, “Should I start looking at those boxes then?”
            “I don’t think it will help you unless you knew what they wanted. I doubt the stone is located in one of those file cabinets.”
            So the Neostriker left the room and proceeded to explore the area, but being a little more careful in his actions. He stealthily took out more DE neomon patrolling the rooms. Very few times did he have problems, but the water version of the torba, called aquord, was able to block a few slashes.
            Soon, the youth walked by a locked room where he heard shouting.
            “Where are they?!” David heard the voice yell. “How long does it take an army of Daelians to find one lousy keycard?!”
            At that moment, David received a call from Jenny telling him that the Elite Stone’s signal disappeared a moment ago, meaning it has been found by someone.
            “So the Elite Stone must be in that room, but it locked. The keycard must be what the Daelians were searching for,” David whispered this deduction to his Asen.
            “Sounds right. So we can either wait for the Daelians to bring the keycard to open this door or search for it ourselves.”
The moment he mentioned the latter option, Zel regretted it. David had already begun moving toward the first room.
“If you are going to head off, at least take some precautions to ensure the guy will still be here,” the Asen commented. “For example, you can block off an entrance so no one can get past you that way.”
            The youth consented and began blocking off the other entrances to the area. As he finished his preparations, he asked, “Are you sure this will work? Wouldn’t they be able to blast their way through?”
“Have you noticed that when you miss with your blaster, the walls and ground take no damage?”
            “Yeah, I just assumed that was because of a Nellenion field or something.”
            “Except, we aren’t in a Nellenion field right now. Energy based attacks have no effect on the environment. They can harm humans, but do nothing to the inanimate. Physical attacks, though, can damage your surroundings if you don’t have a Nellenion field or something similar.”
“So does that whole thing include Elite Stones?”
“Yes. The Elite Stones are energy based. They can be used to boost the power of physical attacks, but the boost only matters in combat against Neostrikers and neomon. Only special techniques would increase the physical capabilities of a weapon.”
“Like what?”
            “They are called ‘Full Power’ techniques. But the mystery of Full Power is difficult to unravel. I cannot explain it to you at this time. Even if you know the secret, it is difficult to master.”
“Okay, so that means that Daelian cannot force his way through that door without a keycard.”
“That’s right. I believe the panel is an old design with flaws, meaning if he broke it, the door would stay lock. So he’ll have to be patient and wait.”
“Good, so let’s check out that first room.”
Back in that first room where they encountered that Daelians, David began his search for the keycard. However, he soon found too many.
“Rats. How do we know which one opens the door?”
“Well, you could take all of them,” the Asen mentioned in passing. “Or you could notice the different levels of security access written on the cards. Likewise you could have noted which room we are trying to access before you hastily ran off.”
“So we’re going to have to go back just to figure out which room?” the youth moaned.
“No need. I already did all that for you. You need a level 7 access card and it’s for the basement, 2nd level, room 201.”
“Thanks, man!” David called out in high spirits, grabbing the necessary keycard and running back to the Daelian’s room. He ran so fast and focused, he neglected to hear Zel’s reply that he’s an Asen, not a man.
Neocyx raced back to the area with the Daelian. When he returned, he found everything as he left it. As he walked over to the room, he could hear the same voice yelling still.
“Finally!” the voice exclaimed as David unlocked the door. As he walked out, David saw this was an original design. It was turquoise scaly armored man with a harpoon in his right hand. In the middle of the helmet, a horn bent up.
“… and how dare you keep your commander Aquornor waiting for so long!” he continued his gripe, paying no attention to who was there. He then finally took notice of Neocyx and was startled.
“Who are you?!” he demanded.
“Someone with not as much steam as you,” the youth quipped.
“I take it you are after this here stone as well,” the Daelian said as he showed the Elite Stone.
“How ever did you know?” came the sarcastic reply.
“You aren’t a Daelian, though by your looks you would fit in. I ask again. Who are you?”
“Someone to who you will give that Elite Stone.”
“Very funny, you’ll have to fight me for it,” the Daelian responded, prepping his harpoon gun.
“Considering, I defeated the rest of your squad, that shouldn’t be a problem.”
The Nellenion field appeared and Neocyx prepared himself, seeing the rage of his adversary. The warrior youth started with a side dash while firing his blaster. Aquornor easily evaded the shots by ducking and then launched his own attack with the harpoon. It missed the moving target and the Shadow Fox decided to move in for the strike. With a shock sword, David fought in close combat against Aquornor’s energy saber.
            “I must say, your skills are not bad,” the Daelian commented while swords were locked.
            “Thanks, you aren’t too shabby yourself.”
“So tell me. Why are you after the Elite Stone?”
            “What reason does a bounty hunter have to retrieve an item?” the youth replied, attempting to be clever.
            “Bounty hunter? What a joke. What bounty hunter can call a Nellenion field? What I do see a thirst for power.”
            Aquornor broke from Neocyx and fired his harpoon gun, missing his mark. David, taking advantage of the reload time, used his neo dash neocard for a boost in approaching the Daelian sergeant.
            “Only enough to defeat you,” David said in reply to his adversary’s previous remark.
            They crossed swords again, but this time Neocyx used his dash to ram his enemy into a wall and using the shock of impact to break through his defense with a thrust to the abdomen. He then leaped back and fired his blaster from midair. Aquornor darted underneath the shots toward the hero with a vertical slash but David countered with a horizontal cut.
            “If you joined us, we could give you much more than you could desire,” the Daelian said trying to catch a breath.
            “I told you, I don’t need more power,” Neocyx answered, recalling the professor’s words.
“Then why do you fight?”
            “Because it’s fun.”
            “If I joined you, who would I fight against? As long as I’m the ‘good guy’ that means I’ll always have an opponent.”
            Surprised by the response, Aquornor’s guard dropped enough for an opening and Neocyx shot him with a couple of blasts.
            “That’s it? Not power? Not money? Not even to protect someone? Just because it’s fun?! Who am I fighting? A child?!”
            The Daelian’s rage grew from those comments. As his rage grew, he prepared his move. He emitted a blue aura and launched his harpoon for a direct and powerful hit. However, Neocyx was able to withstand the attack and ran in for the finish.
            The last stroke did its job and de-formed Aquornor. The Shadow Fox then picked up a stone very much like the last one but inside was a large teardrop instead of a flame. Taking a look at the de-formed man, he could hear him say “I lost to a child” before passing out. Nevertheless, David’s mood was not affected.
             “That’s two! We’re becoming experts at this, Zel,” the youth acclaimed with pride.
            “I highly doubt the rest will be this easy,” the Asen replied. “However, that should not take away that we have succeeded today in obtaining another stone. I must also admit, I am questioning your motives.”
            “Come on, Zel. It was an ingenious tactic to get him to drop his guard. I’m still up for saving the world and all that.”
            “If you say so,” were Zel’s last words as they returned to Jenny and the professor.

Episode 5

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