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Episode 9: National Plan

Episode 8 Recap
           After an intense chase of a thief with incredible speed granted by an Elite Stone, Neocyx encountered Cepos, a tactical mega form. However, this Neostriker did not challenge the Shadow Fox to a battle but to a chess match for the Elite Stone. During the course of the match, Cepos revealed more about the nature of the Daelian army and succeeded in winning the chess game.

EPISODE 9: National Plan

            With Cepos gone, David was left all alone with only Zel. For a few moments, the Gallaback youth just sat there still in forms occasionally staring at the chess set. Nothing was being said. The Asen allowed his companion to gather his thoughts. Even though silence might feel awkward in a time like this, it is often best to allow it to run its course and therapy.
            “Zel,” he said, finally breaking his silent meditation. “It can’t go on like this. I need a mega form.”
            “I know you feel like it, but that is not something I can give you,” the Asen replied with all sincerity.
            “Why not?!” David demanded to know. “I’ve encountered four mega forms within the last four days! Even with neocard combos and Elite Stones, we can’t do anything against them!”
            “I simply cannot give you that power. Not everyone can handle a mega form.”
          “I can handle a mega form! I am ready! The only thing that is keeping me from winning is the lack of power!” His mind flashed back to his encounter with the green-armored Wolf, and Crawn before that. “You’re my Asen, you’re supposed to help me with this! It’s no fun to be so weak.” 
            “There’s not much more I can say,” Zel answered with incredible patience.

           The next day, Jenny’s tracker led the travelers north to Sacramento. However, when they got close to the city, the signal could not give them an accurate reading. While eating, the Gallaback youth pondered if there were any hints they could use.
            “Hmm. So I have Fire, Knaidow took Night, the Wolf has got Wind and Water, and Cepos acquired Speed,” he thought out in his head. “For some reason I believe Crawn already has Lightning, which leaves Ice and Grass. That would put them in two different locations. It could be a meat factory or even a garden. But that’s if they go according to their element. Wait a sec… I wonder if that means…” 
            Jenny, seeing that David was deep in thought decided she was too curious to refrain from interrupting. “What are you thinking about?” she asked.
“Huh? Oh. Just where the Elite Stone could be,” he responded, losing his train of thought, never getting it back again. “By the way, do you have any idea where we could find an abandoned factory or something like that?” he asked of Jenny.
            “No, maybe Zel does?” she suggested.
            “Actually, I have found one. I’ll bring up directions,” Zel said.
            “Nice, Zel. You rock, you know that? Let’s go, Jenny!” David praised.
            “There’s just one thing I was wondering about,” Zel added.
            “What?” David and Jenny asked. It seemed highly unusual that Zel would have a question. He was the one that they should go to for answers after all. They weren’t sure if this was something to be proud of or if they might be being set up for something.
            “Are you sure we should bring Jenny along?” Zel stated bluntly to the shock of both. “After all,” he continued, “if we run into Daelians, you might not be able to protect her, David.”
            “Uh, he has a point,” David said still not sure what to think or say. Jenny too was speechless, but not like David. She had plenty to say but couldn’t fix on what. “But,” David uttered on turning to Jenny, “if this all ends up to be a wild goose chase, then at least I have a good friend to talk to besides Zel. The more the merrier.” Man that was a good one. David had pretty much just saved face with Jenny. 
            They decided that Zel was right and if David’s hunch was too, it would be best if Jenny was not around. Professor Lokaf agreed to drop David off by the old laboratory. David entered forms for caution and it did not fail him. He found two hollow forms guarding the entrance. He neofied them but soon, a new kind of DE neomon was upon him. A pack of light blue jaguars called icrofs came and assaulted the fox. Neocyx was able to fend them off with his shock sword but they still were able to do some harm.
            Exploring the building, David concluded that it only closed maybe a year ago. He encountered more Daelians and neomon but he was able to take them out. Soon, he reached a large room and found a considerably large Neostriker, seemingly made of ice put together with light blue armor. Even the head looked similar to a crystal. He looked up and spotted the Guardian.
            “Neocyx. I should have expected,” he called out in some annoyance. “It appears that you always appear where an Elite Stone is.”
            “Sorry if my habits are becoming annoying. I promise they won’t be for long, that is if decide to fight me.”
            “Oh ho ho! Some spunk and confidence I see. Well, we’ll see about that. Though, I would have found it amusing if you told me to freeze. Ha ha ha!” the icicle laughed. David wasn’t sure on how to react to that, so he just stared suspiciously. Continuing, the icicle said, “Well, I guess it isn’t proper to begin a fight without the opponents knowing each other. Since I already know who you are I’ll tell you my name. I’m Froic.”
            “Zel, who is this guy?” David asked privately. “Is he seriously a Daelian?”
            “Must be,” Zel replied, “and it appears we’ll have to fight him for the stone.”
            Neocyx activated the Nellenion field. The Daelian fired an ice blast but it missed the warrior. The Shadow Fox darted toward Froic and dueled using his shock sword and neo sword combo against Froic’s ice blades. They duked it out for a while and Neocyx was able to scrape the side a couple times. He then jumped back using his jetpack and fired a few shots but Froic had his own defense.
            “Enough of this!” the Daelian shouted irritated. “Ice field!” With that, the Nellenion field floor turned into slippery ice, not ideal for a moving fox. Also emerging from the field, a couple icicles to intercept the shots Neocyx fired. The icicle man launched his ice cannon again and hit David, who just realized how slippery the ice was. The impact of the blast also sent him skidding back up against the wall.
            “Rats!” David thought out loud. “I live in sunny California! How should I know how to ice skate?!”
             “Don’t worry too much,” Zel said. “Your feet have more traction in forms.”
            “Still not enough,” David stated like Zel’s comments were of no help. His feet were then shot and froze to the ground. David could hear Froic laugh, “At least you shouldn’t fall!” The fox, not amused at all, hacked away the ice and bought some time with his saiber armor and recover neocards.
            About to fall to the ground, David came up with an idea. The room was just big enough for this tactic to work. He disconnected his jetpack and converted it to its board mode. Hopping on board, the fox could now move freely again. The huge ice man tried to slam the Guardian into the wall but the booster feature foiled him. Neocyx came back around and with a concentrated Elite Fire, managed to break off the outer armor of the Daelian.
            “Thanks for taking that load off,” Froic laughed.
            “You’re welcome,” came as reply. “Now let me do you more of a favor by defeating you.”
            “Go ahead and try!” the Daelian dared.
            David soon learned that Froic was much faster without the extra weight. It became harder to evade him but the fox still managed to pull it off. With the combination of a neo bomb and the mega sword, the Guardian was able to neofy his adversary. Seeing that he had lost, the de-formed Froic went up to Neocyx and tugged his cloak to beg but just then a gunshot sounded. The fallen Daelian had become fallen in another sense…dead.
            Neocyx looked over his opponent’s corpse and saw a bullet wound in his back. Looking up and to his surprise, he saw the governor with a pistol!
            “I’m sorry you had to see that, Neocyx the Shadow Fox,” she said in a mocked tone of sincerity. “It was the only way to keep him silent.”
            “Natasha Banks,” Neocyx scowled. “Why are you supporting the Daelians?!” He demanded.
            “My, my. What strong accusations,” Natasha responded acting all innocent but at the same time not. “You really want to know my reasons?” she asked.
            “What are up to?” David spoke up feeling very irritated at this woman. He was not comfortable around her for more than a second.
            “What else? Hmm, I got one. Destroy this country. Is that villainess enough?” She was at least enjoying herself. Her cockiness was upsetting. Here she was with only a gun against a Neostriker. There had to be something more.
            “I’m serious, Banks! What’s your motive?!” shouted the Neostriker aiming his gun at her. The governor didn’t care at all though. She simply walked down toward him. “Oh! I believe you probably want this.” She smirked as she took out an Elite Stone. Inside the crystal was an icicle.
            “You know I can just shoot you down right now?!” David called out.
            “Go ahead, but that would only do you more harm than good. You see I have the media on my side. If you kill me, then you’ll only be labeled as a villain. As it is, you have no evidence against me, and the public has no reason to suspect me of anything.”
            “You just killed a man!” Neocyx shouted with anger.
            “And you’re the only witness,” she stated proudly. “And technically you’re not a valid witness either. You would have to reveal your identity to be taken seriously but perhaps maybe you’re kid and the courts would just dismiss you.”
            “Then what are you doing?” Neocyx asked again.
            “I told you. Destroy this country. The country I despise so much. And a marvelous job I’m doing, if I say so myself. Soon the Daelians will corrupt the land with so much dark energy, there will be utter chaos on the streets.”
            “You plan to release the Dark Power?!”
            “Plan to? It’s already happening. All of this for the return of our Dark Master” she laughed.
            “Dark Master?”
            “Oh? You don’t know? Poor you. Soon, the Dark Master will emerge in this world and conquer all. How about you join us? It is useless to resist us.”
            “I’ve done a fine job so far.”
            “You mean in Plotarch where Crawn spared you?” she laughed. “All I need to do is send him after you and you’ll be dead. I lack no confidence in his hunting skills.”
            “The fox can outwit the hunter,” Neocyx replied, trying to gain a mental advantage.
            “But does the fox recognize when it is pointless? Are you trying to be the lone hero? Fighting for a people who will easily turn against you?   
The youth looked on as the governor said her speech. “The world is going to fall anyways. Even if you could defeat us, it would only be delaying the inevitable. These people you claim to protect, they are fools beyond belief. They are killing themselves as we speak.
“For example, they are so afraid of being considered ‘closed-minded’ that they are in fact close-minded in their attempt to be ‘open-minded’. They don't even know what it means to be open-minded. Instead, if they were a delicate flower, they are opening themselves to toxic water, because it would be closed-minded to give it only pure water. They think they are so smart and say, ‘We wouldn't open to toxic water if we knew it was so’ but they don't. They are told all the time but they won't listen. So don't bother resisting. Join us instead in issuing their predetermined doom.”
            “That’s not going to happen, Natasha Banks!” David screamed as he fired his gun at the governor. That could have been the end of it too if a barrier did not block the shots.
            “Oh! Did I forget to mention I have a Dark Barrier? There’s no way you can kill me. Perhaps if you accepted the power I was offering you could have. So shoo! Goodbye!” She laughed as she had indeed won this round as sirens sounded throughout the building. Neocyx ran off knowing there was nothing else he could do.

Episode 10: Fall of a Hero

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