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Episode 3: Blazing Top

Episode 2 recap
            After his initial encounter of the Daelian forces in the museum, David found the Shining Princess, the girl he is tasked to protect as they must search for the powerful Elite Stones. At this meeting, David and his father have been invited to a party honoring the professor's discovery.

EPISODE 3: Blazing Top

            The day of the party did not come too soon to David’s mind. All he was thinking about was Jenny. The afternoon came and he was already dressed up when his mother entered. “My! What a handsome boy” was the statement that most mothers normally say whenever they see their son in a suit and was exactly what she said. “You seem to be becoming the party man.”
            “Mom, this is only one party. I don’t plan on making this a habit” the annoyed teen responded. It was certainly true that he didn’t like going to parties. Being as shy as he was, he had trouble being social, especially at big gatherings. The big thing on his mind at the moment, though, was whether or not he had a chance with Jenny. All else seemed trivial to him at the time.
            “Then why are you going to this one?” his mother asked in chain with his last statement. “You hate dressing up. In fact, when you get out of school, you make records getting out of uniform. Is there some girl? Make sure she’s nice.”
            “Mom!” the teen’s face was starting to turn red. Mrs. Gallaback being the kind of mother she was teased him on this and David blamed the heat for the color of his face in the typical fashion. When his mother finally let it go and left, a thought popped into the lad’s mind. Taking up his Neot he asked, “Zel, you said that if I wanted to, I could give up the powers. Does that mean if I do, you will go away? Maybe to find someone else?”
            “Whether I find someone else is not of your business,” the Asen responded, “but I can say that if you give up your form, you may never get it back again.”
            Just then, David heard his mom calling, “David! Your father is about to leave. You better go now unless you want to go later tonight.” Taking the hint, David took off and he and his father left for the Ballmart Hotel. When they arrived, they entered and took the elevator to the reception hall on the eighth floor. Along the way David was sweating.
            “Man! This building is like twenty stories high.” It was one of David’s ironies that while he was always tall for his age, reaching 5’4” when he was only twelve, he was afraid of heights. He even often flew on airplanes but the fear of falling was always there. If there was little between him and a long fall, he would shake and stiffen up. 
            “Only twelve” His father said, continuing the conversation. “So do you know how to behave at these sort of events?”
            “I believe so.”
            “Just watch your manners.”
            The elevator doors opened and they looked into the grand room that was before them. Everything was highly decorated. The crimson red carpet felt elegant even with shoes on, and the design did not suffer for it. The interior was a magnificent layout that even those with no taste for architecture would appreciate. At the end of the room, there was a vast window that served as the wall. It looked over the nicer part of the city and park outside of the hotel. The professor was the first to greet them and some other high class men were there as well. David looked and found Jenny standing by the clear wall looking over the park. She was wearing a nice blue dress with her hands clasped before her.
            “Uh, hello, Jenny,” David began but was all too shaky for it to sound good. “Idiot!” He thought, “What kind of greeting is that? That kind of hello would only cause her to dismiss you. Now try again!” And with that he tried to regain his composure and give a more confident greeting.
 “Hi, Jenny. How are you doing?” he asked firmly, a little too firmly.
            Jenny simply turned and smiled, answering with “Hello, mister hero.” She acted as if she did not hear the first attempt but she did. Luckily for David, it’s what made the second attempt all too amusing to her to see him go from not confident enough to overconfident, which in turn betrayed his lack of confidence. David, nonetheless, was still clueless.
            “You don’t have to call me that. David is just fine.”
            “You don’t like being a hero?” solicited the fairer face.
            “It’s not that. It just feels weird,” the recipient responded scratching his head. “I haven’t really done much.”
            “That’s not entirely true. You’ve done enough,” she exclaimed as a teacher does supportively. “You saved me and my father. You also tried to prevent the scroll from being stolen. Don’t put yourself down. You are man, aren’t you?”
            “Uh, th-thanks” he stuttered. In all his life he had never gotten so far with a girl his age. He had no experience on what to do or to say.
             “For what? Asking if you are a man?” she giggled out.
            “N-no. For telling me to…”
            “You’re welcome” she interrupted adding even more confusion to the poor soul who couldn’t find any words to say. Feeling the need to explain she expressed, “You said ‘thanks,’ therefore I said ‘you’re welcome.’ That’s how it works. Right, silly? I take it you’re not very good with words.”
             “Uh, yeah…sorry” was what he could utter. He then noticed a diamond shape sapphire pendant on her necklace and without any thought asked foolishly if it was from her boyfriend. She looked down upon the pendant and her smile vanished as she stated, “This? No.” Sensing that he had just hit a sore subject, David quickly apologized. With no change in her countenance, Jenny disclosed “It’s okay. It’s from my mother before she left. Me and my brothers each have one but one of them was in a power plant when it exploded a few months ago. Haven’t heard anything about him since.”
            “I’m sorry to hear that,” David expressed consolably.
            “You need some self confidence, silly” The beautiful girl said with a brightened look. “You definitely lack it. Quit apologizing so much.” As an instinct David said “sorry” at which Jenny rolled her eyes. “Oh whatever,” she pronounced. “I need to go talk to my father. Talk to you later.” Yet just as she was beginning to walk away she turned back and with a tone of little confidence herself, she asked, “By the way. If I’m in trouble, will you be there to help me again?”
            And for the first time since the conversation began, David spoke naturally and confidently “Yes, and I’ll even work to keep you from trouble to begin with.” It was difficult to say whether it was the line or how he said it that Jenny’s smile returned as she left. Later, more guests had arrived and the party had officially begun. On the stage, a man walked up to the microphone and greeted the guests.
            “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Thank you for coming to this party made to honor he who has made a wonderful discovery that can possibly lead us to find the legendary “Atlantis”. As you all know, I am Mr. Cower, president of Fossa Company which funded the research. However, as much as I would like to be, I am not the reason why you are here.” This statement sparked some laughter in the crowd. Continuing “Let me present the guest of honor and the leader of the research, Professor Xavier Lokaf!”
The applause was typical as at any event, yet there’s something about it when it is for you that you enjoy every second of it, especially for something great. At the same time, it can be humbling as it was when the professor received it. His face was as red as when David’s mom was teasing him earlier. It probably would have made David’s day if he had noticed Jenny giving him a wink but he didn’t. The professor reached the podium and began his presentation.
“Thank you all. While I am fairly disappointed at the loss of the scroll I am pleased at what we acquired before the robbery. I am also proud that we were able to study it thoroughly before we placed it on display. Now I believe you would like to see some pictures. Lights, please.” The lights were turned off and the curtains closed and on the stage a detailed projection appeared of the scroll and its writings.
“As what was said before,” he continued, “this is possibly the find that was needed to bring us closer to unraveling the secret of Atlantis, hence the name we gave as the ‘Atlantis Scroll.’ During more of our recent studies, even though all were recent ahem, we have found that where this war took place was on an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. It appears it wasn’t far from Europe and Africa when this was written and it was a paradise island. Since we cannot see anything that can match that description, we can believe that it either sank way below sea level or was annihilated by its own advanced technology.” 
            His presentation was not over, but it had to end then. The fire alarms sounded and the people began to panic. The owner of the hotel hastily got to the microphone and tried to assure them that everything will be okay. Sadly enough for him this did not work. A blast exploded a couple of floors up and the power shut off. It was of great luck that the elevator had a separate power source. The problem was that everyone began to rush to get on. It took a while to get people calm enough to think and try the stairs. When they finally get outside, David is relieved to find his family safe as he learns another fire broke out on the 2nd floor.
Concern wasn’t slow to catch up again. David heard the professor calling out his daughter’s name with no luck of finding her. The drama increased exponentially when his phone rang and he found that Jenny was still trapped on the eighth floor. As sad as it is at the time, it is a marvel to see the extent of a father’s love for his daughter. He begged the firemen to save her and was ready to go in himself. One of the firemen suggested that she go to the roof for a helicopter.
It must have been very difficult for the professor but it only got worse. When he tried to tell Jenny to get to the roof, another voice had taken over. It was a sinister and hoarse voice that said, “Hello, Professor Lokaf.” Scared for his daughter’s life the professor demanded to know who this was. On the other side came no answer to his question, only a demand. “Do you value your daughter’s life? If so, deliver all the data and pictures you have on the ‘Atlantis Scroll’ with that helicopter. We’ll be on the rooftop, you have twenty minutes.” And then there was nothing.
The lead researcher quickly informed the cops of the situation. The attitude of Mr. Cower was not welcomed at all. Seeing how much of demand the data was, he declared that Jenny must be a sacrifice for this valued data. As should any father be, the professor was furious at this statement. “What?! This is my daughter! Not a piece of junk!” And he would have been ready to attack him if he did not hear a fireman calling out at some cloaked guy running into the burning hotel. In his thoughts the professor prayed, “David, please save my daughter and Almighty God, please help him do so.”
True to the thoughts of the praying man, it was David who had dashed in as Neocyx. The thoughts of rescuing Jenny and of his promise were coursing through his mind. He was absolutely determined to save her. Finding that the elevators were useless, the Shadow Fox proceeded up the stairs. On the second floor, he encountered a flaming wolf which David swiftly neofied.
“A flalf!” Zel exclaimed. “It appears that the neomon, or rather DE neomon, are here, that must mean a Daelian is the cause of this.”
“I think I know just who is behind this. But my powers aren’t high enough to beat him” David voiced in agreement. It was then that he learned of what he really had.
“You might be able to use neocards. They are special external programs that can give you more powerful weapons and abilities. At the moment, you have four neocards” Zel informed him.
“And why didn’t you let me know of this before?” was the irritated comeback of the racing fox. It probably didn’t please him at all that what he got was “You never asked.” Then again, when someone gets that, is he ever pleased? Zel continued his instruction and David learned that had a shock sword, saiber armor, neo dash, and aqua gun. He also discovered that he could see these abilities on his visor at will.
David progressed through his climb but more flalfs blocked his path. He blasted them out of existence and pretty much flew up the staircase. Soon he was assailed by three hovering torsos with flaming swords called torbas. His blaster took no hostage and neofied two of them while parrying off the other. As soon as he shook the last one off, he bestowed a thrust and then carried on his quest. When he finally reached the roof after defeating a few more neomon, he found Drafom there waiting.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Neocyx. Are you here to join or try to save this petty female?” exclaimed the dragon.
“How about defeating you?” retorted the Shadow Fox.
“Yeah, right,” Drafom sarcastically called across the roof. “Like I’m going to let you stop our plans of expansion?”
“What do you mean?” inquired the now curious teenager.
“It’s quite simple. You know about the Elite Stones. But what you probably haven’t realized is that once we get all eight, we will have the power to conquer the world.”
“Sounds like a typical video game or cartoon scenario. I take it you are confined to a certain area and the Elite Stones are the keys for your escape,” spoke the cloaked warrior.
“Perhaps you aren’t as dumb as I thought,” praised the winged fighter. “However, if you aren’t here to join us, then I’ll have to kill you.”
“Go ahead and try,” dared David. “The Nellenions will defeat you anyways. They’re likely more powerful.”
“Power? I’ll show you power; the power of an Elite Stone!” so declared the fiery beast. At the instant, Neocyx summoned the Nellenion field. A giant yellowish barrier appeared and covered the entire rooftop except for where Jenny was laying.
The two fighters inside began their fight. Drafom ascended using his wings and blew a fiery blast at Neocyx. The Fox evaded the blast and fired his own gun at the flying Neostriker. But the Daelian easily maneuvered around the shot and landed. He then dashed right toward the hero with a blade. David managed to parry and the dragon unleashed another blast at point blank only for it to do nothing.
“How?!” demanded the Daelian.
Neocyx declared, “It’s simple really. Called a neocard the one I just used called ‘saiber armor’ protects me from an attack and strengthens my armor. Now this one…” at that instant the cloaked hero slashed with a yellow blade, “…called a ‘shock sword,’ temporarily paralyzes my opponent. And so now I can use my aqua gun that’s strong against fire based Neostrikers.” With that, he jumped back and fired his gun.
The effects of the shock sword were very short and just barely gave David the time to follow with his gun. With confidence growing, David began to taunt his opponent saying, “I thought you were gonna show me the Elite Stone? Must have been a lie.”
Drafom was totally fed up. Enraged he declared, “That’s it! Fear the power of Elite Fire!” As he said it, a red aura appeared around him and he made his move with a speedy dash at the fox. But Neocyx was ready, his neo dash neocard granted him the ability to make small quick sprints. Ready for the fight to end a while ago, David sprinted behind Drafom and with dual swords neofied his adversary into a teenager and the Nellenion field disappeared.
Shocked at his loss, the troubled teen exclaimed in despair that he was now dead and fell off the building. David tried to stop him but failed. Finding the Elite Stone, Neocyx picked it up. It was a clear hexagonal crystal, as he would find every Elite Stone to be with the only difference being what was trapped inside. In this case, there was an ever-burning flame.
 Remembering why he came, the Shadow Fox rushed to Jenny’s side. To his relief she was alright and witnessed his fight. The only problem they had was to find a way off the roof. David didn’t realize it, but he had just made it in the twenty minute limit and a helicopter was coming.
Just as the helicopter was approaching, however, another explosion came from below the rescue chopper and blew off one of the propellers, causing it to fall to ground level. Appearing to be trapped, things did not look good for the two teenagers.
“Now what do we do?” expressed the still damsel in distress. David’s mind was racing through ideas trying to find one. All of a sudden he thought of one and searched through his abilities to see if he had it. After being satisfied with his search he asked Jenny, “Do you trust me?”
A little uncertain Jenny replied, “Umm. I guess I have no reason not to.”
“Then just hope this works,” the Neostriker said as he picked up the Shining Princess in typical hero fashion. “Hold on tight,” were his words as he ran toward the edge of the blazing building.
Down below, when the helicopter fell, the professor was in despair. It’s not like he had any reason not to be. But while he saw what was about to happen, he couldn’t decide if he was glad or afraid. For what he witnessed was Neocyx, with his daughter, jumping off the roof of a twelve story tall building. As this was happening, luckily, the Neostriker’s jetpack and cloak changed shape to form a glider and he delivered Jenny safely to ground level and continued on.
After finding a private spot in the park to de-form, David ran back to find Jenny with her father alone. By then he was out of breath. He was more worried about the whole gliding thing than Jenny was. Yet at the same time, the fact that it worked boosted his confidence in the air. It was still not enough to extinguish his fear of heights. Seeing David, the Professor once again heartily expressed his thanks.
            “David. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my daughter once again.”
            David, trying to think of what to say ended up with. “Uh, it was an honor to do so. And I learned a bit of what the Daelians are up to.”
            “Then perhaps you can stop them,” joined Jenny.
            “However, I believe it will mean going on a journey,” entered Zel. “You will need to gather the Elite Stones before they do. We now know that the Elite Stones are what’s keeping them from spreading. As long as the Elite Stones are safe, we can defeat them. There is another thing though. You will likely encounter the Dark Power on your journey. You need someone that can counter the Dark Power and the only one around that can do that is Jenny.”
            “Wait wait” butted in David’s father. “You don’t mean to suggest send these kids alone on a trip, do you? I am proud of my son but that doesn’t mean he should be in such a situation.
            “Would they be alone? I’ll be around” responded Zel.
            “What if I watch over them?” suggested the professor.
            Mr. Gallaback mulled it over for a while. He looked over at David and studied him thoroughly. He muttered to himself, “What would Grandpa do?” to which David replied, “I don’t know.”
            After thinking about it carefully, he finally agreed to let David go with the professor, on the condition that David help craft a good story to tell his mother. This seemed to bode well with everyone.
            “So how will we find these Elite Stones?” inquired David. Zel explained that Jenny had a Neot with a program that can scan for an Elite Stone’s signal. They decided then that Jenny would scan for the signal, the professor would drive them there, and David would grab the stone. With that, everything was set for their quest to begin.

Episode 4:

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