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Episode 13: The Warrior of Lightning

Episode 12 Recap
          After being subdued by the Wolf, Cepos, and Knaidow, David learned that two of them were actually old friends of his. However, with dark energy still inside him and with no form to use, David decided he is useless to help and returned home. Along the way, the youth had a dream where he could talk with his grandfather. Before the professor and Jenny leave to continue their journey, David's family convinced them to stay for a picnic but they are ambushed by Celonret, who is determined to tame David. Things looked bad and David was tempted again to use the Dark Power to fight, but he resisted it and instead discovers the legendary blade Sudron and reunited with Zel to become Cyonex the Falcon, the Warrior of Fire!

EPISODE 13: The Warrior of Lightning

That night, Jenny and the professor spent the night at David’s house. On the evening news, his parents were being interviewed about the incident. The reporter began by talking about the background. She said, “The police are baffled at the latest string of events that have transpired across the state. The latest happened here, at Lake Park. A man was out with his family on a picnic when it happened. Mr. Gallaback, can you tell us what happened?”
The camera turned to face David’s father as he began to talk. “Um, yes. As you said, we were on a picnic when we were attacked by this strange man. He became a spider-like creature and trapped us. But then some knight-like form came and rescued us. He fought off the man and afterwards the man fell dead but with no wound.”
“Thank you,” started the reporter. “Is there anything else you noticed?”
“Nothing else to say,” the father answered, keeping his word to David. The reporter finished her story and the family turned off the TV. David’s mother turned still waiting for it all to be explained. The travelers all contributed to what had happened and what was going to happen. David, however, still refrained from saying anything about him knowing about Neostriker beforehand. During the conversation, the professor told David that if he still wanted to tag along to protect Jenny, he could. When all was said and done, David went to his room.   
He lay in his bed for a while thinking. Soon, he took his phone and flipped it open saying, “Zel, it’s good to have you back.” “Thanks,” was the response from the Asen. The youth hesitated for a second but then finally asked, “There’s something you are telling me, Zel. You’re not just an Asen, are you?”
“Yes and no,” Zel answered calmly. “I’m not the kind of Asen that you originally came up with but the kind that that has entered your mind. I’m not a program but a celestial being sent to protect you.”
“An angel…” David blurted as if he knew but only needed some confirmation. “I take it that means that one black Asen I saw was a demon.”
“Then that means Neostriker isn’t highly advanced technology either.”
“No, the “Neo” in Neostriker is not how you originally intended. It is not the Greek word meaning ‘new,’ but a new word meaning ‘spirit.’ The complete word is ‘Neomaen” which translates into ‘spirit striker’ or ‘spirit warrior,’” the Asen explained.
“Which in turn means my form is determined by my spirit. That’s why they are customized to how we would like them,” David said, following a chain of logic. “But I hadn’t fully developed this yet,” he remarked. “I only recently came up with the concept, and even then it was just a fleeting idea.”
“Yet it is the one that is being used. It also isn’t a game. These events will have an effect on your life and those around you,” Zel stated.
“Well, that explains why you can understand so much despite supposedly being in isolation for centuries,” the warrior laughed.
“And why there are guns when they didn’t have them back them,” the Asen continued. “The weapons and armor are formed based off the individual’s spirit and what he knows.”
“Alright. I guess I can deal with that. It makes things connect better at least. Thanks for the explanation, Zel. Glad you’re my guardian.”
“It’s my pleasure.”
  A few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. Jenny came in to talk to David privately. She asked, “So David, you’re going to come with us, right?”
Sitting up, David replied, “Yeah. Are you okay with that?”
Shyly, Jenny answered, “Uh huh. I was hoping you’d reconsider and come with us. Everything is okay now. That beast is gone… right?”
David got up and walked to her. Reassuring her, he said, “Yes. If anything, that beast is under control. The ring you gave me has isolated the dark energy. It still courses through my blood until it can be purified, but it’s safe. I have a new form and Zel to help me. Besides, the fear of harming you is enough to keep me from touching the dark energy.”
“Do you think it’ll ever be purified from your body?” the shining princess asked.
“Yeah,” David replied optimistically, “when your powers grow. You’ll be able to purify it for me.”
“T-then I’ll work harder for those powers!” Jenny proclaimed with authority. David wasn’t sure he ever saw her so determined before. However, it would be a lie if I were to say that he did not admire her enthusiasm. He then made a remark that she hadn’t realized before.
“I guess it’s time for the next phase,” he stated.
“What do you mean?” Jenny inquired confused.
“Now that I know where all the Elite Stones are, there’s no need to search for them. They’ll eventually come to us. Just need to be ready when that time comes. What we do need to focus on is working with Shatl and the others. The war is coming, and we need to prepare for it.”
“Do we know for certain we can trust them?”
“Yeah,” the youth affirmed. “Unless they have been toying with us since I first encountered them, they’ve had every opportunity to take advantage of us and haven’t. Besides, I found out that they are old friends. I called them earlier and explained what happened. They said they have some business to take care of first but they should be here by tomorrow night.”
“Really?!” Jenny exclaimed very surprised that David knew who they were. She then gave a sigh of relief and smiled. “That’s good news. I guess I’ll go to bed then. Your family is very nice by the way.” With that, she left the room. David could not figure a proper response to that statement other than a “good night” but nonetheless went to sleep pleased.
The next day was pretty much laid back. David, Jenny, and the doctor couldn’t do anything until Reid and the others arrived. As David told Jenny, the Elite Stones were accounted for and the two the Daelians held would be difficult to retrieve. The youth decided to go on a run. Mary had convinced Jenny, though the word “convince” indicates there is at least some effort of persuasion, but there wasn’t much at all, to go shopping with her. Otherwise, one might argue that Jenny would have tagged along, changing the events that would have happened.
As David ran around town and passed an alleyway, a rock came and hit his shoulder. He, like most people probably would, stopped and looked at who threw it. He saw a man somewhat older than him, maybe about 25. He had longer brown hair than normal and clothing was somewhat worn out. There were scars over his face and a couple of burn marks, but his composure was firm. His eyes definitely told that he had been through quite a bit, but they also were piercing; like a fighter evaluating his opponent before the first move. At last, the man who threw the rock spoke saying, “That was quite a performance you put on yesterday, Cyonex, codenamed Falcon.
            Shocked at this statement, David didn’t know how to react. He had only turned into Cyonex once, and that was the day before. No one else was at the park as far as he could have told. Who was this man? How did he know who he was?
            The man, seeing David’s lack of a response, continued, “Come. Follow me. There’s no point for me to embarrass you by defeating you in front of all these people.” And so David followed the man. They walked about for a while, generally avoiding the crowds. They eventually ended up at the graveyard. No one was present or even close, but the location gave David the chills. However, that was nothing compared to what happened next. The man transformed into Crawn!
            “Prepare yourself,” Crawn said, taking out his sword. “Let’s see how much stronger you are now, Guardian.”
            Shocked, David wasn’t sure what to say. It seemed like a bad nightmare come to life. He saw the gravestone of Jordan, the sibling he never had, in the distance. Taking up courage, he rebuked Crawn by saying, “You wish to fight here?! Have you no respect for the dead?!”
            Crawn simply answered, “My respect for the living outweighs what I have for the dead. Do you wish that I had defeated you in the sight of everyone? Or how about yesterday after you defeated my comrade? I have done you a courtesy out of honor. Now you should respect that and accept my challenge.”
            David acknowledged the kindness his enemy had shown him and performed neoformation. Then, out of respect for the dead and protect the property around them, he activated a Nellenion field. He then drew Sudron and posed for combat. He charged in and crossed blades, but to no effect. He stepped back tried using the mega sword combo but missed. He tried sword combat again, but Crawn was able to read his moves and parry each one. The Daelian then shifted his weight and flipped the youth over and dealt a strike. This repeated a few times. However, David continued to fight and finally got one in using Elite Fire. Crawn, impressed, said, “So you got one. Alright, I’m done with this trivial matter. Lightning Storm Slash!”
            A yellow aura surrounded the Daelian’s blade and with one quick swipe, de-formed Cyonex. The Nellenion field disappeared. David fell face-down and his three Elite Stones to the ground before him. Crawn de-formed and picked up the three stones saying, “By all rights, I can take these. However, I have a different purpose in mind.” He then handed them back to his fallen opponent. David got up and inquired what he meant.
            “My respect for comes only from what you did yesterday and that was defeat that bastard Celonret,” Crawn declared. Continuing, he said, “I was watching from afar when I saw him threatening that girl. I could not make it in time to stop him, but you stood in the way of his attack.”
            “Who are you?” David requested. To that, Crawn answered, “I am one who awaits a worthy opponent. But also one who wants to protect his family.”
            David took another look at the man, analyzing him. Finally, the youth asked, “Are you Zack?” The rugged man took out an emerald pendant much like Jenny and Brian’s and nodded. “I also heard that you helped my brother as well. For that you have my thanks.”
            “So you think by fighting for the Daelian army, you’ll protect Jenny? Did you not see how the Dark Power nearly caused your brother to kill her?”
            “I cannot fight the Dark Power. It’s what keeps me alive.”
            “Did Jenny tell you about the Power Plant incident? I survived because they inserted dark energy into my bloodstream. By fighting for the Daelians, I have influence to keep them from harming my family. Besides, there are warriors stronger than I in the Daelian Army. Even though the dark energy is what saved me, it is now my poison. Without it, I will die, but it’s influence is gradually becoming stronger. I still resist using the Dark Power, but I am at a loss unless I am cured of it. But there’s a problem.”
            “What is it?” the Guardian asked now interested in what Zack was leading up to.
            “Everyday, I forget something, including my sister. Only by looking at this pendant do I remember. But even that is losing its effect. More recently, my memory gets foggier. Guardian, I want you to hold on to this. If we ever fight again to the death, hold it up so that I may remember.” David nodded and accepted the pendant. Zack then continued, “I feel that I can trust you on this. I hope that if my mind comes to the point that I even attack Jenny, you will intercede and defeat me. But in order for that to happen, you will need to get better. I see you have a legendary sword, but you have not mastered ‘Full Power.’” He then looked up at the setting sun. “I must be going.”
            David then asked, “Wait! I think I understand how you knew I was Cyonex, but how did you know I was who you called Guardian?”

            Zack smirked and replied, “I didn’t. It was a hunch. I just needed you to confirm it. Your voice hasn’t changed and ‘Neocyx” would be a rearrangement of ‘Cyonex.’ Lastly, you used Elite Fire just like before.” And with that, the colonel of the Daelian Army left.

Episode 14: The Orphaned Girl

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