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Prologue & Episode 1: Dream into Reality


Long ago, there was an island somewhere in the Atlantic. On the island were two kingdoms: a good one and a bad one. These two kingdoms were at war a good deal of time and because of this, technology advanced leagues faster than in Europe.
In the good kingdom, there was a young boy of around fifteen with a mortal illness. He decided to give himself up to science to test a new theory that had arisen. The scientists had created a new technology that would make a mortal man into a great warrior. The youth had his arms and legs amputated and were and with mechanical replacements. The torso was then equipped with a metallic armor that was made to fuse with the body to give life support, provide protection, and generate energy. The operation was a success and the concept actually made the youth to be potentially immortal as the armor was stronger than anything in the known world and capable of generating a barrier. The legs also provided boosters that permitted the youth to fly as well as run at great speeds. The arm could shift into a handless cannon that could fire destructive energy blasts. The youth was also able to adapt to many environments and even use attacks based on the different elements. Flexibility was also added, providing the skill to be able to do flips and other movements flawlessly. A sword of a great power and energy was also granted to the test subject. He could also generate other weapons such as spears and explosives.
The young boy was given a helmet that attached to his head that allowed him to control these abilities with his thoughts. The researchers saw the unknown limit of the potential of this warrior and his abilities that were beyond man’s limits and gave the name “Xagem”. The scientists rejoiced at the success their project produced. However, they decided it would be better if they could make the armor without needing to amputate and forever mutate one’s body so they began research on a wearable version.
Unfortunately, a fire emerged and destroyed most of the research, plans, and even some of the geniuses working, leaving the remaining researchers close to square one. Besides that, there was a researcher with malicious intents. He somehow was able to produce most of the data and attach a black copy of the armor to himself, making himself basically the equal of Xagem. The bad scientist then mass produced his findings with the addition of hollow forms. These forms came in many shapes but there was nothing except the dark substance inside. All of this, the wicked scientist provided to the evil kingdom and the war ensued.
Xagem was a trump card for the good kingdom; he was even more powerful than the treacherous researcher. Unfortunately, because of the mass produced forms, the enemy had a greater number of troops and more power to spread. The youth saw how he could not protect everyone everywhere and the good king was considering surrender. However, Xagem realized that his harnessed energy could provide the scientists what they needed to produce more forms. He split his power and contained it in different objects such as stones and cards. His elemental powers were segregated into eight clear hexagonal rocks which were distinguished by things such as a flame inside. The name given to these rocks were “Elite Stones”. His weapon abilities were harnessed into cards called “Neocards”. The rest of his energy and powers were then used to provide the stimulus of the making of new forms based off of his design. These forms were not as powerful as Xagem, but they were stronger than those in the opposing army, only fewer in number. Xagem also gave a vast amount of his power to the king, who already had a great power. When the king’s power was mixed with Xagem’s, a strong energy was made that was able to eliminate the dark substance.   
The evil scientist, seeing that his defeat was at hand also decided to split his power into five orbs and with them sources of the dark substance. He had them spread out to far distances so that his evil might spread and corrupt the rest of the world and thus defeat the good kingdom. The good king took his strongest warriors and they fought a brave and long battle against the opposing kingdom. At one point in time, the evil scientist sneakily reached the king and was about to slay him but the youth intervened. With the last of his energy, Xagem fought to the death and greatly weakened the evil warrior. The king then, with the chance he had, used what powers he had to seal the evil warrior away and the virtuous army won the battle. The king did what he could and sealed what was left of Xagem’s power so that it might be used again if ever needed to fight the evil scientist. At least this is what was in the mind of young David.
In a time so close yet so far away, there was a junior in high school named David. He loved to play sports, especially soccer and tennis. It was winter and soccer season was in. The team so far had lost every game and the student saw that the team just did not care. In school, the students broke the rules and took advantage of their privileges and thus lost them for everyone in the end. Now some of us would look at it all and say that this was just small stuff but the part that made it all hell for David was the death of his beloved grandfather. Since then, David’s world had been upside down and any problem became a big deal. 

EPISODE 1: Dream into Reality

            As the sun rose one day, David was in his room playing around before school living out a dream in his head. In this action, cannons were being fired amidst a close combat duel.
            “I shall destroy you, Guardian”
            “No you won’t. As long as I have my friends, I will never give up! I won’t lose. Falcon’s blast!”
            After such movements, David finally landed on his bed gazing up as if he could see through the ceiling so as to envision the sky and then fall into reverie. “Man how I wish Neostriker really existed” he began. “Then I could use that power for good and make a difference in this place. Or at least get away far from here. That would just be awesome. Then again, I would hope that it wouldn’t be as cliché as I just made it out to be.”
            Such were the thoughts of the young David Gallaback, a high school junior; a dreamer. With the sound of the bell, this dreamer went to classes for another miserable day. On the way, David encountered a big upperclassman abusing some freshmen and decided to intervene. Now this upperclassman was big in every aspect, especially around the waist. He and David always were at each other’s necks. Personally, David never hated the guy. He just couldn’t stand all the things he would do such as cheat or hide his books or make things difficult at soccer practice. 
             “Dude, l-leave them alone.”
            “Why should I?” replied the bully. “In fact, why should I listen to a guy that cries in class when given a paper?”
            “You know very well I wasn’t crying, just upset.”
            “You cried, stutterer.”
            “Whatever, Nero. By the way, why don’t you lose some weight, slowpoke?”
            This comment struck a nerve in the round bully who instantly threw a punch, but David easily evaded it. This benefit he was grateful for. He was much faster than his adversary and so ran off to class as he heard Nero yell the all-too-common threatening words, “You better watch your back, crybaby! I know where you sleep!”
            Throughout the day, David encountered more and more troubles, and while the normal teen would just dismiss them eventually, they never seemed to disappear from David’s mind. And so how it remained for the rest of the year. One night, however, young Gallaback had a dream. In this particular dream, the junior envisioned an angel calling his name.
            “David, David.”
            “What is it?”
            “The Divine Maker has heard your wish. He is willing to grant it to you for Neostriker to exist. Do you want that to happen?”
            “Hah! This must be a dream or something. There is no such thing as a Divine Maker.”
            “David, whether you believe in Him is your choice. But either way, He has chosen to bless you with Neostriker. Do you wish this?”
            “Of course,” the youth heartily responded, “It would definitely be better than this life.”
            The angel smiled as if he knew the results of such a choice. “You shall see if you truly do think so. It shall be confined to the limits of California and your wish shall be granted, but when the time comes, you will be given a choice concerning its fate, whether you are dead or alive.” 
/           “What do you mean?” David asked confused.
            “You will know” were the last words of the angel before departing and David awoke shaking his head. Noting the time to be three in the morning, he simply concluded it was just a dream as much as he hoped that it was true.
A few months later, summer vacation started and David returned to his home in Kelinor. He could not really recall the past few months. It could have been that there was nothing worth remembering. Either way, as he entered his home, his sister was watching the news about a discovery in the Sahara that sparked his interest.
            “This is an amazing find” began the reporter on the TV, “An excavation here has struck archeological gold; artifacts from an ancient civilization. However, the one that has received the most attention is a scroll. On the scroll are paintings along with the text. And here to talk with us more on the subject is the professor leading the excavation, Professor Lokaf. Professor, tell us about the scroll.”
            The camera moved to show a scraggy middle aged man with his archeology outfit discussing something with a member of his party. After the reporter obtained his attention he simply responded with a polite “yes?” but there was an obvious expression that he knew what the reporter was to ask him as if they practiced this many a time.
            “What do you think about this find? Have you been able to translate the text on the scroll?
            “The scroll? Ah yes, the scroll. The scroll was most likely written in the Middle Ages, maybe the Dark Ages at that. The text itself, I will want to look at more carefully to be sure, because a great deal of the writing is missing because of age. What we have noticed, though, is that the text appears to be in some form of Latin. What we have been able to translate on the spot mentions of an island in the Atlantic.”
            The reporter’s eyes glistened with excitement. “So this could very well be the mythical Atlantis?” she asked, seeking the professor’s confirmation.
            “That is the popular theory at the moment. Anyways, there are a couple of interesting words here ‘Nellenion’ and ‘Daelian’. It appeared this island was victim to wars that lasted generations and these were the primary combatants. With what we have been able to gather, we can assume this scroll was written by a Nellenion; perhaps fled to escape the war. Unfortunately, with most of the text eroded, we won’t be able to study it much more than we already have.”
            “Professor. It is to my knowledge that these artifacts will be going on display in the near future?”
            “Ah yes. The main sponsor of this excavation was Mr. Cower of the Cower’s Museum in Kelinor. As part of the deal, these artifacts will be on display there. After that, I believe it’ll be…”
           David did not stay to hear what the professor had to say next. He went up to his room with his mind swirling. After closing his door and lying on his bed, the student began to ask himself about what was happening.
“‘Nellenion’? ‘Daelian’? Is this really happening? Those are the two kingdoms of Neostriker. “Nellenion” being the good kingdom and “Daelian” the enemy. Man, I need to get to that scroll and see if it’s true,” was the thought that went though his mind. Shortly after, his sister knocked and came in.
            “Was there something weird about that?”
“You have no idea, sis.”
“Well, it is interesting to think that this may be proof that something like Atlantis existed”
            “How about we go check it out?”
            “I’m for it, but I don’t think it’ll be at the museum for at least a week.”
            “Alright, then I’m going to take a nap. It’s been a rough day.”
            “Oh… sure. Talk to you later then.”
            With that, David’s sister left, and David’s mind continued to go wild over the whole affair. When the day finally approached, David had no hesitation in getting his family to the museum so that he might see if it was really what he thought it was. However, when they finally got to the exhibit, fighting their way to see the scroll, David’s eyes caught a glimpse of something else that interested him; a pretty American girl around his age with nice long straight hair and a small fringe on the right side of her face. The teenage boy could not help but think about all the possible scenarios to talk to her.
            “Whoa! She’s pretty cute. Hmm. I wonder if I can take a picture with my phone? Then again, I’m probably never going to see her again so why bother. Wait! If I go up to her and ask, then maybe I can get her number and then… But then what would I say when I got up to her? She probably would consider me a dope and leave it right there and leave. She probably already has a boyfriend if not many lined up.” With that thought racing through his head, the young boy let out a sigh.
However, the boy decided to at least try and snap a picture while pretending to really take it of the scroll. Nevertheless, just as he is focusing the camera and moving while doing so he tripped over a cable and the phone flew into the scroll and dropped to the floor. If he didn’t know before, David sure learned how fast security could move. Embarrassed, David quickly retrieved his phone and raced to the bathroom to be alone. Inside, the splash of water was still not enough to relieve his embarrassment and he proceeded to yell at his foolishness.
            “Great job, David! Now there is no chance at all to get to know her. She must definitely think me to be a dope. Arg! I didn’t even get a picture.” With that, he flipped open his phone and noticed something strange on the screen; a binary code streaming down. “Great” the clumsy teenager sarcastically thought. “Just another problem to add to my list— a broken phone. I wonder if dad can fix this. I must be having some kind of nightmare.”
            “I don’t think so” said a voice from nowhere.
            “Who’s there?” voiced the startled junior looking all around.
            “Here, in your phone” was the reply David got. When he checked, he saw the figure of a man. It was not an ordinary man but a knight. He had on a green tunic, but chainmail could be seen beneath it. He had on a brown belt with matching boots and gloves. His hair was golden blonde and possessed aquamarine eyes.
“The name is Zel. I am an Asen, a Neostriker warrior.”
            “Did you say a ‘Neostriker’?” inquired the seventeen-year old.
            “Yes I did. Do you have a problem with that?”
            “Uh, no…” replied David, but through his mind he was thinking “Maybe it’s a dream instead of a nightmare. Wait. I probably better not indicate that I know what a Neostriker is.” And so, he gave the comment “How should I know? I don’t know what a Neostriker is, even though it sounds kinda cool if not cliché.”
            “A Neostriker” began the mysterious figure “is a warrior with great power, able to generate certain weapons at will and use them to fight. In the Neostriker realm there are two forces. There are those that use the power for good, the ‘Nellenions’, and those that use it for mal intent, the ‘Daelians’.”
            “Why are you telling me this?” petitioned David.
            “I am in search of someone who can fight in my place for the Nellenions.”
            “Why, might I ask?”
            “Well, I am what you may call, a highly advanced program, but my nature is spirit. I am not able to fight Daelians who materialize. However, I can serve as an operator and grant my powers to someone I deem worthy.” explained the Asen.
            “So me…” the boy realized. “Why me?”
            “Because I see potential in you.”
            “This is sounding suspicious.”
            “It is certainly your call whether or not you accept this offer. The powers that I grant are great, from the ability to fly to withstanding projectiles”
            “Flying, eh… So all I need is to be willing to fight for the Nellenion kingdom? And they are the good guys so why not?” decided the dreamer.
            A smirk came across Zel’s face as he proceeded with this warning, “Heh. Take note that the tide of war is approaching. If you want though, I can take away my powers from you anytime. So if you want to give up, just say so, or if you do evil with them I will take it away with no problem.”
            “That’s fine. I’ll just have to be responsible.”
            “Very well then. Your phone has been given a new program and thus made into a Neot. This will permit you to transform into a great warrior. All you need to do is bring up the program, press the ‘send’ button, and say ‘Neoformation’.” Just as he finished, though, Zel’s composure changed to as if he had sensed something. “You may be put up to your first test right now. I think the Daelians are here. So transform and I’ll inform you on more details.”
David performed the required steps and just as he said “Neoformation,” a bright light emitted from the phone and enveloped David. A dark blue breastplate was put on and then heavily shaded gray arms, legs, and helmet with a black visor. A weird blue trapezoid-like thing attached to his back along with four small tubes at the corners, which David knew to be a jetpack. Then a dark brown cloak wrapped around the neck. All of this in the frame of two seconds.
“Wow. Is this really happening?” said the excited teenager. Just then, though, a thought goes through and he asks Zel, “Wait! What about the cameras?” to which the Asen replied simply, “Who puts cameras in the restroom? Perverts? That’s just plain wrong.”
“That’s true… then I guess I don’t have to worry,” the boy replied, though growing curious about the way Zel spoke.
“Anyways, this form has been made custom for you.”
“Neostriker armor made for you humans. Anyways, its name is…”
Neocyx” blurted the excited boy, forgetting about his situation, only to remember it as Zel asked “How did you know?” Thinking fast, David responded with since it was made for him, he should be able to give it a name. Zel shrugged off this answer and merely continued saying that in forms, David was to be known as Neocyx the Shadow Fox, which David liked. After this, Zel gave the order “Now go! The Daelians are here. I’ll instruct you on how to use this form.”
“But it wouldn’t it seem strange for people to hear you from me?” asked the new warrior.
“Only you can hear me in forms. Also, if you think about talking to me, you can keep it so other people won’t hear you. That way, the conversation is private. Got it?”
“Yeah” responded the teen as he sprinted through the museum toward the scroll display. Along the way, Zel informed David that forms allow him to move in ways he wouldn’t have been able to before. All that is needed is to think of what he wants, if he has it, and it will come or be done, with limits of course. This included flight for about five seconds, but Zel also told David that as he grows more powerful he would be able to fly longer. Meanwhile, at the exhibit, three purple armored “men” had broken in.
“Alright. Stay calm and nobody gets hurt. All we want is the scroll” were the words of Daelian soldier.
            “You’re robbing the museum? Who are you? A new gang?” spoke out David’s father. He was always quick to voice his opinion whenever he felt he was on the right side.
            “We are Neostrikers. And this pertains to us. Any more questions?”
            Not taking the hint, David’s father continues “I don’t know who you are, but you are probably just some poor kids, just stop this nonsense and…”
            “You’re driving my patience old man. Die! Neo sword!”
            At that instant, the Daelian’s hand transformed into an energy blade and it dashes toward Mr. Gallaback. Just as he was about to swing, however, Neocyx jumped in the way with blades of his own and pushed the robber back.
“Sorry, but you aren’t doing anything here. You’re not taking the scroll and you are especially not going to kill anyone!”
“Who are you?”
“Neocyx’s the name and it will be the last thing you remember.”
Neocyx charged the Daelian and slashed him up and he evaporated in a puff of purple smoke. Zel would later reveal this process to be called “Neofication” in which the forms were said to be neofied. Then the other Daelians attacked Neocyx but he jumped in the air and escaped the onslaught. After that, with the words “neo gun,” one of his swords became a hand-cannon and the Shadow Fox used it to fire at the Daelians.
Zel rebuked David. “Be careful! You might hit someone!”
“You’re right. Let’s limit ourselves to sword combat at the moment,” were the words of the shamed youth for risking the people he was trying to defend.
Neocyx switched back to dual blades and took out the Daelians while only taking a few hits himself. Just as he finished, though, the glass roof broke and the Shadow Fox just barely escaped it. However, the blazing blast that followed found its target. From the roof an anthropomorphic dragon like figure with tough red and orange armor, wings on his back, and a head with two horns sticking out the back, descended.
“Neocyx, eh?” said the dragon form. “That’s interesting. I am Drafom, a Sergeant in the Daelian army. I believe you could rise through the ranks if you joined us.”
“Sorry, but I think I will decline at the moment” replied the young hero rebelliously.
The Daelian Sergeant laughed. “Ha. You certainly have some spunk in you. I will let you live only because I believe it will be more interesting if you are alive than if I kill you now. However, I will take the scroll.”
            Being helpless, Neocyx could do nothing as the dragon form took the scroll and escaped. Taking heed to Zel’s advice, David scrambled out and used de-formation when he finally reached solitude. At that moment, Zel informed him that the forms he fought were “hollow forms” created by the “Dark Power” and that they are not as powerful as those with a human host. As a result, when defeated they vanish. He also explained how those with a human host, neofication acted a little different. In that case, neofication just forced the process of de-formation.
Returning to the exhibit, David’s father explained what just happened and how glad he was that David had just missed it due to his mishap. He even went further on saying that it must have been a divine intervention to the dismay of his son. From there, they went home and along the way, David contemplated his impending future as a Neostriker.

Episode 2

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