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Episode 10: Fall of a Hero

Episode 9 Recap:

           The trio traveled to Sacramento. There, Neocyx found the Elite Stone of Ice but it was snatched by the governor, who has been a Daelian agent! She reveals a little more of the Daelian motive as well as another offer for Neocyx to join them. Growing tired of her words, David attempted to attack her but was prevented from a Dark Barrier and chased off by sirens. 

EPISODE 10: Fall of a Hero

            “Zel!” David called out while catching his breath. He finally reached an area where he thought he would be safe from the governor. “This can’t go on like this. I need a mega form!” he said, just like before.
            “David,” the Asen replied calmly. “I can’t give you that.”
            “Why not?!” the young boy yelled, astonished at this revelation. Though it was a good thing no one else could hear him. Since the conversation was a private one in forms.
            “I can’t tell you. But not everyone can handle a mega form.”
            “But how can I continue to protect Jenny like this?! The Daelians are only getting stronger but I’m still the same! Arg!” David kicked a bucket and sank down in the alleyway. His anger began to shift to despair. “I might as well quit at this rate.”
            “I would advise contrary.”
            “Then what would you advise?! I’m supposed to be Jenny’s guardian, fighting the Daelians by myself but getting no stronger!”
            “Then maybe you should make some alliances.”
            “Yeah right.” The sarcasm in the boy’s voice was obvious. “With who? Cepos? The Wolf? Knaidow? How would I find them? Besides, they would just laugh. They already know I’m useless.”
            “You don’t have to be the best to be useful.”
            “Yes I do!” David retorted and was about to reveal his secret, but was able to keep it in check. It’s a huge blow to pride when you are not good at something you made. Not only had David created Neostriker, it had been his passion to develop it for years. The more he realized it, the more fuel that was added to the fire of his despair.
            “Why can’t you just tell me how to get a mega form?!” he cried out again.
            “Even if I told you, you would not listen nor understand. You have to give it time and you’ll eventually figure it out. If you are capable and worthy of a mega form, you will get it. Either way, we should get going now.”
            After summoning some strength to move on, David ran on. He told Jenny and the professor what had happened with the governor. Agreeing that they could not stay in Sacramento any longer, they drove south, despite not having received a new signal yet. Per Jenny’s suggestion, though apparently with hesitation from Mr. Lokaf, they went to the city of Furui. While Jenny made a phone call, David decided to purchase a new neocard. Soon enough, Jenny finished her call.
            “Did you call Brian?” Prof. Lokaf asked of Jenny. She gave an affirmative.
            “Who’s Brian? Your boyfriend?” David too curious to keep his mouth shut inquired. Jenny laughed at this question and smiled. “No, silly,” she remarked. “Brian’s my little brother. I don’t have a boyfriend.”
David sighed out of relief but then he didn’t think to stop where he was at. “Then he’s…” he tried to say but Jenny interrupted him. “He went with my mother after the divorce,” she disclosed with a lower tone.
“I’m sorry,” David said trying to console the pretty girl in the front seat. “So how old is he?” he further asked.
“He’ll be turning eleven later this year,” Jenny replied with her lovely smile returned. “And you’ll get to meet him soon!” she exclaimed. “She must have missed her brother,” David thought. It then struck him as kinda odd that he didn’t really miss his own family. He assumed it must have been because he was gone from them so often. That is one of the benefits of a boarding school in that it gets a boy used to not seeing his family so often and living somewhat independently. It’s like college forced at an earlier age.
They arrived at a nice small house and were greeted by a very fine woman. David was a bit surprised when he met Jenny’s mother how good of terms she and the professor were. David could detect that Mr. Lokaf still loved her and she had some feelings to return. Why there was a divorce was a wonder to his mind. As much as he would have liked to find out, he knew that it would have been there if at all.
            Soon, a small boy with black hair came down the stairs. Jenny introduced him as Brian. It was a bit of a shock to David because Jenny was around 5’6” and this boy was not too much shorter. And Jenny had said this guy wasn’t even eleven yet. He was a bit quiet and he stood at the base of the stairs evaluating David. When he finally spoke, he asked Jenny, “Is he your boyfriend, sis?” Jenny hushed him while a tad flustered. She turned to glance at David who was slightly amused at question. If he was looking at her at that instant she turned her head he probably would have noticed that she was wondering about that question as well, but she turned back and said that she and David were just friends.
            The kids decided to go out. Brian spent some time being suspicious of David, but he grew to like him. They went for ice cream and the arcade and had a good time. As they walking down a street, Brian complemented David, saying he was about as cool as Zack. David then had to ask, “How so?”
            “Well, you’re both very cool, umm” Brian said, trying to think of how the two were alike. David laughed and decided to go about a different route of questioning. “How old was your brother?” he asked. “Twenty-two,” Brian replied and went on, “And he’s going to come home soon. I know it!”
            “How do you know?” David further inquired.
            “Because Zack can’t just die. He’s too cool for that!” Brian blurted, but then his countenance dropped. He uttered, “And if he comes back, maybe mom and dad will get back together.”
            “Well, if I’m about as cool as your brother then I must be awesome,” David remarked.
            “Yeah!” Brian shouted in agreement. “But there is one other guy that’s cooler than you,” he stated.
            “Only one? Wow. So who’s my competition?” David inquired.
            “I think his name is like Neosix. Oh wait! Neocyx. That warrior guy who fought off that bad guy in Plotarch. You were there too, weren’t you? Jenny said she was in the crowd. Isn’t he amazing?”
            “Uh, yeah,” David said in agreement but still awkwardly. Jenny giggled at this. It’s a weird experience to speak about your accomplishments as a masked vigilante to such a young admirer. “So he’s your hero or something?” David questioned Brian.
            “Yep!” Brian declared proudly. “I hope Jenny can marry him one day, but if not him, then you can have her, David.” He said this so merrily and innocently that David couldn’t help but laugh at it. “Thanks,” he began. “I’m glad I have your permission.”
            “You know I have a right to choose my own husband, Brian!” Jenny blushingly protested.
            “But David is a cool guy, Jenny!” Brian argued. “Besides, he wouldn’t leave you, would you, David?”
            “That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t leave me,” David said hugging Jenny with one arm teasing her.
            “Don’t you do that, Sis!” Brian yelled at his sister.
            “Oh! So now I’m the villain here,” Jenny muttered, yet she was still a tad flustered about the whole conversation. It didn’t take long, though, for the conversation to change pace. They were walking just in front one of those stores that has TV’s on display while showing the news.
            “Oh look! It’s Neocyx!” Brian declared as happy as a kid could be but it quickly turned to anguish. “What?!” was his next reaction. It was a news report with Neocyx listed as a wanted criminal.
            “The alleged “hero” of the Plotarch incident has shown himself to be truly an enemy of the state,” the anchor reported on the news. “Just earlier today, he threatened the governor at gun point.” They show a picture of Neocyx pointing his gun at the governor. “We were able to reach the governor herself for a statement.” They switched to a video feed of Natasha Banks giving her response. “I’m as shocked as the rest of you,” she began. “I would have gladly given him a commendation or medal for what he did in Plotarch and other reports of his heroics, but this is too much. I was lucky to be able to escape. It’s impossible to tell what goes through the mind of a maniac.”
            Brian leaned up against the window distraught saying, “No. It can’t be. He was framed!”
            The anchors then switched feeds to show that of “public” opinion. “How could anyone threaten our beloved governor?” one civilian gave as his opinion. “She is a good woman. If he ever shows up again, we should give him a piece of our mind!” Even a few popular celebrities contributed to the hatred.
            Another man walked up as that statement was made and blurted out, “Amen to that! We don’t want ‘heroes’ like that here. He can go to hell for all I care!” Brian turned around to face this man who was insulting his hero. He yelled at the man to take back his statement. He continued to insist that Neocyx was framed. It couldn’t be true. Meanwhile, David was looking down at the ground not able to think of anything. The governor was right about her power and influence. Neocyx was now a fugitive.
            Jenny tried to cheer up David but saw that he was not in their world at the moment. Seeing that she couldn’t do anything with David, she turned to restrain Brian from doing anything rash. Brian broke loose and ran off. David returned to his senses when he heard Jenny calling after her brother.
            “Should we go after him?” he asked Jenny.
            “Yeah, I think I know where he’s headed,” she answered. “He always goes to the Botanical Gardens when something upsetting comes up. He’s well liked by the workers there. If not there, the zoo for same reasons.”
            “Then let’s go. I’m amazed at how much of a hero Neocyx is for him,” David stated as they began running.
            “Yeah, but don’t forget he’s not the only one Neocyx is a hero to,” Jenny said but whether David heard her was a different matter. He was focused on finding Brian, the boy who reminded David much of himself.  
            They arrived at the Botanical Gardens and ran through it searching for Brian. When they found him, though, he and a group were being harassed by a Daelian. Its armor was green and at the collar were a bunch of long purple petal like things that formed a kind of cape for the Daelian.
            “Alright. I’m just here to look for something. If no one cause any trouble, no one will get hurt,” the flowery Daelian said. Brian, however, rebelliously called out, “You’re one of the bad guys aren’t you!” This didn’t give Brian any favors from the flower man. He asked in a stern voice, “What did you say?” Brian, not knowing any better, furthered his statement saying, “You’re with that guy who threatened everyone in Plotarch, aren’t you?!”
            The Daelian was not pleased at all. He responded, “You realize you’re speaking with a sergeant of the Daelian Army, do you not?” To the defense of Brian, he was very upset about everything that was going on. He hoped that he might be able to find some evidence to aid his hero. He replied with an insult saying, “Then your army had bad taste.”
            The flower Daelian had enough. He was about to strike Brian when Neocyx arrived to intercept the attack. He summoned the Nellenion field and spoke, “Don’t you know it’s not right to harm civilians?”
            “You!” the Daelian exclaimed. “I’ll make sure to end you here and now!”
            “I’m sorry,” responded the Shadow Fox. “I don’t think I’m gonna lose to a flower dude.”
            “The name’s Irilip!” shouted the Daelian sergeant. The duel began. Both began fighting with their blades. Neocyx had an ace up his sleeve, though. He was using his new torch sword neocard. The combination of his flaming sword and the shock sword definitely gave him the edge. However, the shock sword was completely useless; Irilip’s armor was stun resistant. To make matters worse, the flower man had a stun power of his own that released from his neck.
            Irilip was about to strike his paralyzed foe with his razor sharp blade, but when he got close enough, the fox unleashed Elite Fire and burned his foe. The Daelian was able to shed the fire off but he was even more upset. The flame had burned his outer armor. He went in for the attack again but Neocyx switched out his shock sword for his sonic sword and was able to keep Irilip at a distance.
            The fight could have gone longer but David had another trump card. Irilip was firing some sort of grass based cannons but it wasn’t enough. Neocyx activated his new power… Elite Grass. He had found the Elite Stone while he and Jenny were racing through the gardens. A green aura surrounded him and then vines from the earth appeared and grabbed hold of Irilip. With the Daelian being immobilized, David finished the job and used the mega sword to hack him. After being neofied, Irilip fell unconscious onto the ground. That should have been the end of Neocyx’s troubles, but instead of being grateful, the group he had just saved turned against him by throwing fruit!
            Brian ran to Neocyx’s side and stretched his arms to guard him, pleading the people to stop. They wouldn’t. They just yelled at them and told Brian to get out of the way, calling the Shadow Fox scum. Neocyx had to use his smoke screen to escape. Jenny arrived on the scene and got Brian to come home. As they were leaving, though, Brian yelled back at the protestors calling them idiots.
            When Brian got home, he ran straight to his room. When his mother came out of the kitchen with dinner prepared and saw this mood, she was worried. Jenny had to explain what had happened. Not able to convince Brian to come down to eat, they ate dinner without him. Throughout the whole meal, David was in low spirits and was only able to eat out of gratitude for Jenny’s mother. The whole affair had struck him low and hard.
            After dinner, Jenny took David aside into the living room. “David,” she said, “can you go and talk to Brian for me? I think a talk from his hero would really help.” She had such a concerned look in her eyes, but David’s heart and esteem were too low to take notice.
            “Jenny, I’m done,” he stated. “I’ll go to talk to him, but I’m Neocyx no more.” This answer took its toll on Jenny. Her heart sank and she had no idea what to say. “The people don’t want me, so I’ll disappear,” he continued.
            “No, don’t do that!” pleaded Jenny. “They don’t know any better. Zel, tell him not to give up. Please!”
            “I’m sorry,” Zel said. “If it has to be, then I can’t do anything about it.” This didn’t help Jenny’s case at all.
            “David, you can’t do this. The people need your help!” she tried to persuade him.
            “All I’ve been doing is help. If they don’t want it then they should see the consequences of their wishful thinking! What are you supposed to do when the people you’re trying to protect turn against you?” David declared outright. “And maybe if I disappear everything will return to normal.”
            “David, please. What…what…” Jenny started but couldn’t finish. David started toward the door and said, “I’m weak. Find Cepos or Knaidow to help you. The enemy will only get stronger but I can’t. I’m useless.” He was walking out the door and Jenny yelled at him. She yelled at him so loud that the whole house could hear her. “FINE THEN! RUN, YOU COWARD! YOU”RE AMONG THE LOWEST OF THE LOW!! I DON”T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE EVER AGAIN!” she screamed with all her might. David had closed the door before she could finish her last sentence. As he left, her mother came into the room and saw Jenny in tears. With the door closed, she muttered under her breath one last request. “Please don’t leave me too…”
            David went outside and entered forms. He snuck up to Brian’s window and knocked on it but saw that Brian had snuck out. It didn’t take long though to find him. He was at the zoo, the second place that Jenny said he might go when distressed. It was closed. When Brian saw that it was his hero, he cheered up. “Neocyx! It’s really you!” he exclaimed. The Shadow Fox nodded his head and took a seat. “I wanted to thank you first for standing up for me at the gardens,” he stated. Brian was quick to answer, “No problem! Thanks for saving me back there.”
            David laughed at this. “You got guts,” he said. “I guess what I came here to say was to stay strong kid.”
            “Neocyx,” Brian said in a questioning tone. “Did you really threaten the governor?” The Guardian sighed and responded, “Yes. I also tried to kill her.” The only word that could come out of Brian’s mouth was “Why?” Neocyx answered, “Because she has been supporting the Daelians. She shot one right in front of me just to keep him silent. She’s helping them so that they can spread ‘dark energy’.” “What’s that?” Brian asked. Neocyx then began to explain.
            “I guess I should tell you. That way someone other than me knows.  Dark energy is a dangerous thing. It’s a source of evil. People use it for power but its effects are catastrophic. It excites the wrong hormones and emotions and brings them out of your control. For example, in a time you should be joyous, you’ll become angry for no reason. It’s like a drug. Once you start taking it, it’s hard to stop. As you keep taking it, you keep destroying yourself until you’re all gone. Only those with a strong spirit could even have hope of breaking free of its grip. That’s all I’ll say. Stay away from it. Goodbye.”
            “Will I see you again?” Brian asked of his hero.
            “No.” Neocyx replied simply. “The people don’t want me. There’s nothing I can do for them.”
            “B-but, who’s going to stop the governor with you gone?” Brian asked trying to persuade Neocyx to change his mind.
            “I am weak. I have been defeated five times already. Or technically once but I know I couldn’t have won the rest if I wanted to,” the Neostriker disclosed privately to Jenny’s little brother.
            “If you won’t fight anymore, then can you give your powers to me?” Brian requested. David looked at him and asked why. Brian expressed, “I want to protect my family. And maybe with your powers I could look for my brother and bring him home.” “I’m sorry,” David answered back. “As much as I may want to give you my powers, it’s a mystery how I got them in the first place. Goodbye.” “Don’t leave!” Brian shouted after him, “The people are just stupid!” He tried so hard, but the Shadow Fox had slipped away.
            After Neocyx left, Brian sat down and moped. “First Zack, then the divorce, and now Neocyx. If Zack were here, mom and dad would never had split. And if the people weren’t so baka, then Neocyx wouldn’t leave. Why is all this stuff happening?!”
Soon, a strange man in red and black armor with a gray cape and a black helmet similar to Neocyx’s walked up. His crest was that of a mega form, though Brian did not know the difference.
“Hello,” the man said. “My name is Celonret. Do you wish to teach those stupid people a lesson?”
Brian, looking up at the guy with tear-filled eyes said, “You’re one of the bad guys, aren’t you?” “Am I?” replied Celonret. “I am only here to help. In fact I can even help you find your lost brother if you want.”
“How do you know about my brother?” Brian inquired.
“I heard you as you were talking,” the man answered. “I can also grant you the power you seek. Do you wish that? With this power you can protect those that are close to you.”
“I do,” Brian answered. “I do and I do want to find my brother. Please give me this power!”
“Very well,” Celonret smirked as Brian pleaded. Meanwhile, after finding some alley to sleep in, David talked to Zel.
            “Well, Zel. I guess this is it,” he said.
            “I guess so,” replied the Asen. “You remember what I said, you may never get your forms back even if you asked.”
            “Yeah. Thanks, Zel. It was fun.” With that, Zel deleted the programs. After doing so, the Asen said, “As you wished, the programs are gone and soon I will be too. But I will always be watching over you, as you should with Miss Jennifer.”
            “If she ever forgives me for doing this,” David responded. When Zel vanished from his phone, a tear fell from the youth’s eyes.

Episode 11: Wild Thing

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