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Episode 2: The Shining Princess

Episode 1 Recap:
            David Gallaback, a young high school student, at the start of his summer vacation has achieved his dream of becoming a Neostriker, a legendary warrior after attending a museum exhibit and encountering the evil Daelian forces.

EPISODE 2: The Shining Princess

            The following day, nothing particular of interest happened. That is, until David walked in to see the news on TV. The reporter was discussing how much of a loss the robbery was.
            “The loss of the scroll is a grave one,” she began in the typical exaggerated and obvious manner of a reporter. David sometimes wondered if they really meant anything they said.  “Fortunately, we have been informed that pictures were taken of the scroll beforehand so studies have been made using those photographs. Here we are with the professor leading the research, Prof. Lokaf. Professor, has there been any progress on the scroll from the pictures?”
            “No,” he responded simply. “All the information we have is what we gathered before displaying the scroll at the museum. It was a bit of detail however. We translated enough of the text to read that sometime in the dark ages, a great war had ensued. It was a war between the two kingdoms as we know the ‘Nellenion’ and the ‘Daelian’. These two kingdoms fought with technology superior to our own. Their warriors were known as ‘Neostrikers’. These warriors were able to use many type of weapons powerful enough to destroy castles within minutes. However, the Daelian Kingdom was ultimately defeated, because of objects called the ‘Elite Stones’. These stones generated massive amounts of power and energy and thus seemed to be cause of victory for the Nellenions. At the end there was some mention about something called ‘dark energy’. However we could only make out those words. We have no details on that.”
            “What do you have to say about the robbers? They claimed to be ‘Neostrikers’ as mentioned in the scroll,” queried the reporter. “I would be inclined to not believe it, but the fact that we never released the name before now, it appears they might be survivors or something of the sort. I find it hard to believe that someone could live for so long.”
            “Perhaps the Neostriker is a secret society that has lived in hiding for all this time.”
            “It is certainly possible,” the reporter thought for a moment, but then was urged to close up. “Alright. Thank you Professor for discussing this with us. Back to the studio...”
            With that, David went back to his room to think. It did not take long before he began to question his new companion. “Hey, Zel. You said the ‘tide of war’ was coming. Is it going to be about the Elite Stones?”
            “How perceptive of you,” said the Asen sarcastically. “It’s not like most people could make that connection.”
            “Fine fine, Mr. know-it-all,” answered the youth defensively. “So how about clarifying some things? Like how you seem to know so much about today’s world, though you are from a world centuries old. And according to the scroll, you should speak Latin, but here we are conversing.”
            The Asen spoke as if he had expected this. “As I mentioned before, my nature is spirit. I have been able to travel this world and learn from it, awaiting the time when my powers would be needed.”
            The boy did not look very satisfied. He was in fact confused. The nature of Asen to him was of the cyber world. Nevertheless, he continued on. “Well, you’re gonna need to tell me more about these things if you are going to use me in this war of yours.”
            “Am I?” Zel responded questioning this statement. “Very well then” he started, ignoring what had just happened. “It’s simple. The Elite Stones need to stay out of the hands of the Daelians. They are objects of power just as the professor said. It would be very hard to stop the Daelians if they were to get all eight. Not only that, we have to worry about the Dark Power. It consists of what is called ‘dark energy’. If a human were exposed to it, he could and would do things he otherwise wouldn’t. It corrupts the heart of all who come into contact with it. It is so strong that even a holy man could turn into a mass murderer. But there is another problem with the dark energy. It gives power to that which it has been given to. This applies to Neostrikers as well. As I stated before, the Dark Power can generate hollow forms. That itself is of great power, so imagine what it can do with Neostrikers that have a human host.”
            For some reason or another, this did not faze David as much as it probably should have. “So the odds are against us is what you’re saying. They have so many searching all of the land while it’s just me and you for our side. Sounds like a great video game in which I’m the hero. And as we all know, the hero always win.”
            “Video game? Whatever. We do have something that can aid us. The counter for the Dark Power is ‘Shining Power.’ It purifies the dark energy and there is one person close by that can use this power, or at least has the potential. This woman is the ‘Shining Princess.’ It’s only finding her that would be trouble.”
            The youth let out a sigh. “You sure know how to make things more difficult. Is there any way we have of reaching her?”
            “Well, the problem is that she is supposed to be hiding and so won’t use her powers openly. However, if are close to her, then I can identify her. The only lead I have for you is that she handled the scroll before you.”
            “Then she might still be in the city. I guess the museum is a good place to start. I just need to find a way to convince my dad to take me.” The youth began to brainstorm as he went downstairs to find his father, yet one little thought kept creeping into his head. “Maybe I’ll run into that one girl if I’m lucky.” 

            The convincing wasn’t as difficult as David had preconceived. His dad, of course, gave the argument that it was dangerous to go in that area because of the robbery. However, it was all too easy to reply with that the robbers already got what they came for. But that didn’t stop David from coming up with the lie that he lost his wallet there. He hated the fact that he lied. This was in part because it was to his father, but also because he was proud of the fact that he could usually get away without any lies.
            As they were driving to the museum, taking a shortcut through the lesser and deserted parts of the town, David noticed a man and a girl running into a dark alley as if they were being chased. “Dad, it looks like they’re in need of some help.” “I see that” came as answer. While he would not like to risk the danger, helping those in need would generally convince him to do so in itself. They turned around and stopped by the alleyway. David quickly got out of the car and looked into the narrow way. There he saw the man and girl being threatened by Daelians. He then recognized the man as the professor and the girl as the one from the museum. Sadly for him, in a certain sense, he failed to think prudently enough and another Daelian grabbed him and eventually his father. As they were brought closer, David could make out what was going on.
            “Give us the pictures and data on the scroll, professor” threatened one Daelian. “Or would you rather see your daughter suffer. Oh! And how about these innocent bystanders? It must be our lucky day.”
            “Just leave them out of this” pleaded Prof. Lokaf. “They have nothing to do with this!”
            “They do now.” And with that response he aimed his gun at David and was ready to fire when all of a sudden, a light encased David and he entered forms. Immediately reacting to this circumstance, Neocyx freed himself from his captor by throwing him over himself and neofied him with a quick shot to the head. He then wasted no time and freed his father with a swift turn and stab.  He took a shot but returned the favor with haste. Just then the remaining Daelian grabbed hold of the girl with his blade at her neck. The professor then struck the villain from behind. The Daelian, as one generally reacts when hit in the back of the head, turned to see who did it. The Shadow Fox took advantage of this opportunity and delivers a final thrust to free the hostage with the words “It wasn’t your lucky day, it was your downfall.”
            “What just happened?” David inquired of Zel privately.
Zel did not hesitate to answer “It was of utmost necessity that you save these people. She’s the one.” David was by all means surprised by this revelation but also that Zel had been able to activate neoformation for him. David de-formed and Mr. Gallaback approached him asking just what he had done. This was interrupted though by the professor who walked up and thanked them.
            “Thank you so much for saving my daughter. You have my thanks even though I have no idea who you are.”
            “Perhaps I can shed some light on the matter” they heard a voice from David’s cellphone. “David, open your screen.” With that, David obeyed and a holographic image of Zel was projected. “I am Zel” he began, “a Neostriker. This young man is David. He has been chosen to be a warrior for the Nellenions in the upcoming war with the Daelians that will strike this land. The Daelians plan on conquering this place and spreading chaos. We Nellenions are doing what we can to prevent that from happening.”
            “And why are you telling us this?” implored the professor. “Because David is not the only one who has been chosen” was the reply.
            “You mean me” said a beautiful voice from the daughter at the surprise of the fathers. “This Neostriker” she continued, “appeared to me when I was handling the scroll and told me all of this. He told me that I could be of help in stopping the evil Daelians.”
            “And just how do you know who is evil and who is not?” Mr. Lokaf asked with some hidden anger as a father would do. However, Mr. Gallaback came to the defense. “I think the actions of attacking and threatening to kill us falls under the category of evil. Though I am disappointed that you never told me, David.”
            “Sorry,” was all that could come out of the boy’s mouth. But this time the girl came to his aid saying, “Well, if you want to be a hero, one of the first rules is to never reveal your secret identity. That way it protects the hero and those around him from the bad guys, right?” This made David smile a bit. He was being defended by a lovely girl; one that he was going to have to protect.
            The professor seemed to have no lack of questions. He inquired just how exactly his fair daughter was to be involved in this “war.” Zel had to explain that she had been given a specific power of purification and that David was here because it was his task to protect her on her mission. The two fathers walked away to discuss some things. While they were doing that, the daughter approached David.
            “Thank you, mister hero. I don’t think my dad is all too happy, but he will get over it soon. Anyways I have something to give to you. Give me your Neot.” Flustered, David willingly handed her the phone and she took out a card and scanned it with the camera. Then from her hand she removed a bronze ring and gave it to David with his phone.
            “This ring” she explained, “is called the ‘Guardian’s Ring.’ It belongs to the one who is supposed to protect me. By wearing it, you should be temporarily protected from mortal attacks such as bullets and those from Neostrikers. To warn you, it takes time to recharge after it does its job. I also added a program to your Neot that should be helpful. It is called the Nellenion field. When in battle, it will provide a protective barrier around a certain area in which you can fight in without anything outside being harmed. It keeps people out and the warriors fighting in until someone has won. This also takes time to recharge after use but you shouldn’t need to use it too often. Zel informed me all of this when I first encountered him. I will say it was a bit much at first.”
            “Yeah, I think everyone would agree with you on that,” the youth said supportively. He gave her his thanks and properly introduced himself. Their fathers returned and the professor with his daughter began to leave. Just as they were doing so, David called out last time.
            “Hey wait! I never got your name!”
          The daughter simply smiled and called back “Jenny! I’ll see you again, mister hero!” The phrase “mister hero,” though slightly annoying, felt good coming from a girl like her. To David it probably felt like she could call him whatever and he would not mind. And he probably would have stayed in a daze thinking about her if his father did not interrupt his thoughts.
            “The professor expresses his thanks to you saving his daughter’s life. He gave us these invitations to go to a party in honor of his discovery. It is going to be tomorrow night in the Ballmart Hotel where the air base used to be. We can go early if you want.”
            “Huh? Oh, sure,” was all Mr. Gallaback got from his son.
            “Well then, it’s time to go home. Maybe we can play tennis. I must say something, though. I am impressed of your willingness to help. I trust that if this turns out to be for the worst, you will make the right choice. So, I won’t reveal your secret, not even to your mother unless necessary. Even though you lied about why you wanted to go to the museum.”
            “You figured that out? Sorry.”
            “Forgiven. Now let’s go home and do something. Things are never going be the same after this gets started.”

Episode 3

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