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Episode 7: Wind Storm

Episode 6 Recap:
          David and company traveled to a city named Plotarch. There, they encountered Nero from David's school. Later, a Daelian was found threatening the local civilians but Neocyx came to the rescue a defeated him. However, the victory was short as a Daelian colonel named Crawn showed Neocyx how weak he was.

EPISODE 7: Wind Storm

A night’s rest helped David recover from his encounter with Crawn, but he wasn’t back to his normal self yet. The professor brought some breakfast foods into the room and the three of them began to plan their day.
“Based on what we heard yesterday, the Daelians don’t have the Elite Stone. Does that mean it was Knaidow who claimed it?”  
“It could be. He’s the only other party we know of,” David affirmed.
“But we can’t rule out that he doesn’t have partners, or if there is another party,” the princess added.
“Either way, it’s probably best that we don’t move until we receive a new signal,” Jenny’s father decided. “Perhaps we can find information about who found the stone. That could be valuable information.”
            After Jenny and the professor went their own ways, David stayed around the room for a while to talk with Zel.
“So Zel,” he began, “do you have any ideas on where to start?”
“None,” the Asen replied. “But maybe if we look around where the signal was before it vanished, we can find some clues.”
David responded, “I guess that’s better than nothing.” However, he was still a little nervous about talking directly to Jenny to ask for the information. He decided to switch topics. “By the way, how’s the shock sword?”
“It’s fine. Crawn may have broken it but it’s just a program. When you enter forms again it’ll be as good as new.”
“Nice!” David said, relieved. The news was very comforting to him. For once, something that was different from how he made things was in his favor. He then inquired, “Out of curiosity, are there any power up programs for neocards?”
“No,” Zel answered. “But there is a special capability called a ‘Neocard Combo.’ It’s normally made when you order your weapons or neocards in a special way and they form a more powerful ability. However, it’s normally for a single use per formation, and after you use the combo, everything used to make it become useless until it recharges. So if you use your neo sword, you’ll be without it for most likely the entire fight. You’ll be able to use it by the next time you enter forms, but I’m sure you realize by now that that too takes time to recharge after you use it.
“There is another way to recharge, though. They are rare, but you can occasionally come across a ‘repshor’ and it’ll heal your form from any damage and restore all used neocards.”
“Hmm, I’ve never needed to enter forms again after being de-formed so I guess it never occurred to me,” David muttered. “Well, that’s good to know. And I think I know of one combo. Bring up the page. It’s time to stock up.”
Looking through the list of neocards, David selected the ones called “super sword,” “ultra sword,” “neo bomb,” and “recover.” It seemed likely that perhaps the simplest and probably most obvious of neocard combos would be there. Now he only needed to test the theory. Zel explained further that if David is able to form a combo, the screen on his visor would tell him. Satisfied with the explanation, David finally set out to seek the Elite Stone. However, he used Professor Lokaf to relay the request and information.
No luck came to the investigation. The professor consulted local newspapers and bulletin boards. Jenny decided to try the rumor mill and gossip at various places, mostly the hair salon. It’s amazing how much information can be obtained just from people wanting a haircut. David did not know what to do besides looking around and eavesdropping every now and then. Later rather than sooner, his phone rang.
“David. Something odd has come up,” the voice on the other end said. It was Jenny. “We have a signal again and it’s in this town.”
“Is it the same as before?” David moved the phone closer to his ear. He repeated the question and she finally gave an answer.
“There’s no way we can tell. The signals all appear the same. So it is possible that there were two stones here, or there was something blocking the signal yesterday.” 
“I still need to go after it. Can you give me the exact coordinates?” David rose up with energy renewed. To him, this was an opportunity to make up for the day before, even if there really wasn’t anything important to redeem.
“It looks like it’s the same location as before, so you should be close.”
“Alright. I’m on it,” the boy answered. Just then, he received an impulse. “Jenny. One more thing… thanks for being a good friend.”
There was no response on the other end but soon after, he could hear the dial tone.
At that moment, David was in the outskirts of the city used mainly for storage. So there were plenty of warehouses to investigate. While Jenny could not give precise coordinates to where the signal emanated, she could at least narrow it down to an area.
Deciding it best to be careful, the youth entered forms and started his search. Using his abilities, reminiscent of a fox, he was able to climb and sneak into the various storage buildings.
It took a while, but he found his search was not in vain, through the window of one of the warehouses, apparently abandoned, he spotted the Elite Stone on the ground in the open space. However, just before going in, Zel tried to instill caution.
“Don’t you think it’s weird for it to just be lying in the open like that?”
“Well, the museum director said he found one in the dirt. I guess they just randomly appeared.”
“Aren’t you going to check for traps at least?”
“It’s out there. Do you see any problems with the floor? Any lasers? I don’t. Besides, I just need to dive in and snatch it before anyone else does. Don’t worry. We’re the good guys and the good guys always win, right?”
The Asen sighed. At least it could be said his efforts were not wasted. After breaking in silently, the impulsive boy tossed a stone on the ground near the stone to test for anything dangerous. There were no problems. Still, Zel insisted to be careful. So finally caving to his Asen’s demands, the Shadow Fox took a closer look using the zoom on his visor. It was then a revelation hit him.
“That’s not an Elite Stone…” he muttered in surprise.
“So you came after all, Neocyx” a voice called out. “Just as planned.”
Before David could move, a form emerged from the shadows. It was a dark green armored Neostriker. He put forth his hand and showed the real Elite Stone. Inside the pure crystal, there appeared to be an ever-going tornado.
            “You have me at a disadvantage,” David called out calmly. “Who are you? A Daelian?”
            The other form laughed in his breath.
            “You can refer to me as the Wolf. You will have to prove yourself worthy of knowing my name.” A closer look could show how the name fit. The helmet of this Neostriker resembled the canine creature in some ways, the closest being the ears. Unfortunately, the same closer look would reveal this to be a mega form, just like Knaidow and Crawn.
            “Will you at least answer the second question?” the Fox repeated.
            “No, not for now at least. And don’t try to escape.” The Wolf moved to block the Fox’s exit. “I’ll give you a shot to earn this precious stone. Just to warn you, I already defeated another for it.”
            Was he referring to a Daelian? Or was it to Knaidow? Either way, David knew he would have trouble fighting this form. However, the problem in his mind was that he sort of recognized this form, but could not place a name on it.
            “So you want a duel?” the Fox.
            “Well, I can’t just let you leave. I know you have an Elite Stone.”
            David took a look around. There was no escape. He had the idea that if he started to fight, then his opponent would eventually move out of the way, permitting him to get away. Unfortunately, the Wolf must have read his mind; a Nellenion field activated
            “Wait! You used a Nellenion field. That means we’re on the same side, right?!” David cried out, surprised again.
            “If you’re worthy,” the green-armored Neostriker replied and drew out a simple neo sword.
            There was no helping it. They moved to the lower level in the open space and Neocyx activated his shock sword and neo sword. The Wolf stood his ground, silently gauging his prey. David took a similar stance and observed it would be difficult to get past this opponent. He had set up this meeting and was obviously not to be trifled with. Hence, not being foolhardy, the Shadow Fox refused to make the first uncalculated strike.
           It’s difficult to say whether it was out of lack of patience or another attempt to analyze that Wolf made the first move. He darted in with a strong thrust, but it was obvious enough to permit the Fox to evade it.
            David attempted a counter attack with his dual swords but his foe’s defense was strong; he parried each slash and thrust with ease. He could have done it with no care, but the Wolf stayed focused and judged each attack.
            “So why did you lure me here?” David asked, hoping that by having his adversary answer questions, his focus might drop and provide an opening.
            “No need for me to answer. You already know,” the green-armored Neostriker responded not losing any concentration. He rarely counter attacked, but when he did, it was at a methodical pace and thus easy to dodge or block. However, it was still easy to ascertain he was superior.
            Jenny’s Guardian backed off and attempted a different tactic. He threw his neo bomb at the wolf-eared Neostriker and dashed in behind it. The blast did not faze his opponent and the attacks were blocked as easy as before.
            “If you want to take my Elite Stone, you’re going to have to fight,” Neocyx quipped as he leapt back and started firing his gun. The Wolf appeared to have a sixth sense, because he was able to anticipate every shot and dodge it with as much effort as his parries.
            Feeling desperate, the Shadow Fox decided to try the neocard combo. He switch out his shock sword and refocused his neo sword, followed by activating his super sword and ultra sword neocards. The result was fairly spectacular. The energy of the swords fused into one giant blue energy blade called a “mega sword”.
            He took this powerful weapon and swung it at the Wolf. Unfortunately to his surprise and dismay, his opponent had done the exact same thing! The giant swords clashed and vanished after their one-time use.
            To add to his troubles, the Wolf had just begun to pounce. His swings became faster and more frequent, breaking through the Fox’s weak parries using only his shock sword. David was able to compensate for a couple of the blows by using his saiber armor to block one, and recover to heal from the other, but it was nowhere near enough.
            He finally broke free of his prowler’s fury of slashes. As the wolf-faced Neostriker charged in, David activated his aqua gun and fired a shot, amplified by the power of Elite Water. It was a direct hit and pushed his attacker back.
            The boy took a sigh of relief until something came to his attention. The attack did next to nothing! The power of Elite Water should have been at least as powerful as the neocard combo. Not even a barrier could withstand the power of an Elite Stone or neocard combo. But the green armor suffered no damage and the eyes of the Wolf revealed his smirk behind the mask.
             “You have shown your ultimate attacks. Now it’s my turn,” he declared. He disposed of his swords and pulled the one out of the sheath at his side. Such a marvelous weapon. A dual edge sword with a white strip down the center. The hilt to even the pummel was of pure silver and wondrous design. The handle swirled downward like a tornado. The cross guard had in its design two cloud shapes. Between them was a star sapphire. When the green Neostriker unsheathed this blade, it glistened in the sunlight that entered through the window. The mighty Neostriker then swung the sword out wide and placed his left hand to split his eyes.
“Obviously you cannot use the full power of the Elite Stones,” the Wolf stated focused. “Let me show you how with the one you came to seek, Elite Wind with the power of Widrond. Cyclonic Wind Slash!”
            A white aura encompassed the seemingly unbeatable Neostriker as he dashed right at Neocyx at such a high speed, he appeared to had vanished. Before David could think of what to do, the Wolf had slashed him as he passed by with near instant movement. David was still standing as he was deforming, but after he had been neofied, he fell flat on his face. The victor walked over and flipped him over and smirked.
“So you had two Elite Stones. Impressive. Luckily, the fight was just for one, so I’ll just take this off your hands. See you later, whoever you are.”
He said this as he grabbed the Elite Stone of Water and walked away. He spoke with an expression of satisfaction as he left David all alone and motionless in utter defeat.

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