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Episode 16: Jungle Adventure

Episode 15 Recap:
            After Jenny obtained the Bow of Light from the Cave of Darkness, David and Jenny walked into the cave and found themselves in another world. David got a chance to admire a culture where people admired his Neostriker creation and mythos. After spending a night, David finally faced his dark side and defeated it using a new technique called Full Power and Jenny purified him of the dark energy. 

EPISODE 16: Jungle Adventure

 After the sun rose once again, David and Jenny headed to the warehouse with the professor in tow. Everyone else had decided to stay behind and take care of some business. Reid and the others continued their preparation of the army to fight the Daelians. The only things David knew about the army was that it existed and that the others were focusing a lot of effort into it.
Before the two youths entered the cave once more, Zel gave them warning that he would not be around for any of the next trials except when it came time to face what he called, “Sentinels.” He also instructed that David was not to use Sudron until those times. On a more positive note, he informed them that Jenny’s ring would provide some protection for her as if she were a Neostriker. Not only that, but she could use the Elite Stones except for Fire. Meanwhile, Fire would be the only one that David could manipulate and that would be the case for the three trials ahead of them.
Acknowledging all the information given to them, the two adventurers stepped into the cave. When they got out, it was a completely different world. The sunny sky had become dark and gloomy. It was like when it should rain, but doesn’t. Around them were trees of various sorts and the air was fresh and life filled beyond belief. They were in a mysterious forest.
“I guess we won’t be seeing Ami this time,” David stated, appearing as Cyonex again.
“I guess not,” Jenny replied. She had the same clothes as before, but this time a quiver appeared with her bow.
Taking notice of the princess’ outfit, David exclaimed, “Sometimes I forget that you are the daughter of an archeologist. So of course you would have an outfit fit for travelling.”It was just a plain beige outfit stereotypical of archeologists, but of course she looked fabulous in it.
“Yes, and I don’t wear heels either,” she responded indifferently. “Being around excavation sites, I wasn’t allowed to and therefore grew comfortable with regular shoes.”
“That makes sense, but how do you pack so many outfits? I’ve seen you wear a different one every day, but your luggage isn’t so big.”
“Secret of the trade, I guess,” she smiled, but soon it would fade. A ferocious tiger neomon appeared, ready to pounce.
Cyonex stared at the predator with a sword ready. Soon enough, the tiger leapt and David charged in, but before the warrior could attack, an arrow of light sped past him and neofied the tiger. Turning around, he saw Jenny in post-fire position.
Putting away his blade, he asked, “Have you used a bow before?”
“No. This is my first, besides that one in the cave…” she humbly answered, “…but it seemed to come instinctively.” 
David thought about how he tried to use just a toy bow and couldn’t handle it. This caused him to wonder about Jenny’s newfound ability. “Then maybe you will be like Maid Marian,” he commented.
“Oh? And would that make you Robin Hood?” she said with the tone of fake impression that women can do so well.
The Guardian merely looked ahead on the lookout for more predators and said, “I was actually thinking Little John, but I’ll take Robin Hood even though I can’t use a bow.”
“Oh well, I don’t think Maid Marian was as good of shot as I will be,” the princess stated with some pride in her voice.
            The two young travelers continued, being semi-cautious and alert of their surroundings. There was life all about them. Even the insects of the forest appeared to dance. The trees were impressive and sturdy. There would be no doubt that the branches could hold them if they needed it. They encountered a few more neomon to fight but none caused much trouble. After one of these encounters, Jenny decided to ask something that had been on her mind for some time.
            “David?” she began. “I’ve been thinking about the comment you made yesterday.”
            “Which one?” he asked, still surveying the scene.
            “The one about Narnia. I feel like it might be true.”
            “Why? Did you see a lamppost or something?”
            “No… it’s just how everything is. I find it weird that we were able to understand Ami yesterday despite how different everything appeared. I don’t think we are in our world.”
            “I’ll agree with you on that. Perhaps we are in a world where a language barrier doesn’t exist. It does seem like Narnia in that regard though I highly doubt that is where we are. The only thing I can say, though, is that it doesn’t appear to be Digital either. Maybe we stumbled into the Rabbit Hole,” he said while knocking on the ground and listening like a hunter.
            “Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland?” the fair Jennifer inquired while staring at David’s actions.
            “Nope, I just know the book exists. Everything I know about it comes from pop culture references. For instance, there was a villain in this Batman cartoon I watched while younger called the Mad Hatter. I’ve seen other references, too, but I don’t think they really stuck with me.”
            “Batman?” Jenny thought for a second. “I think I recall what you are talking about. I actually watched that cartoon too. My mother would tell me that it wasn’t really for girls to watch, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.”
            “Really?” David stated in surprise. “I don’t remember too much about the series other than I loved it when I was a kid. I probably would still find enjoyment if I were to watch it again. What I do remember is how my mom got me Batman pajamas and I would pretend I was him.”
            “Hmm. Well, then I guess you could say you were living a dream,” Jenny concluded. David took a look at her and asked, “What do you mean?” worried that she figured it all out.
          “Well, as Neocyx, you went after bad guys, fought them, and rescued people. It’s like you were a superhero.”
            The youth sighed one for relief. Then some ideas began running in his head. He did a regular Elite Fire punch and then thought some more. Jennifer walked up ready to ask what he was contemplating, but he started to express them without trigger.
            “See if you can shoot a water blast using the Elite Stone of Water,” he instructed while handing over the stones of Water and Grass.
            The new archer tried but couldn’t do anything. David then pointed out a pool of water and ordered her to do whatever she felt intuitive with it. Concentrating, Jennifer began to manipulate the water from the pool with movement from her arms.
            “It’s as I thought, you are able to use the Elite Stones differently than me,” David stated. He then performed a regular Elite Fire punch. “I can’t do anything different with it than in our world,” he exclaimed.
            “Well, I won’t deny it. Being able to manipulate water is pretty cool,” she answered pleasantly. “I guess this world gives me unique powers.” 
They had to cut their discussion short. David had become alerted to more neomon approaching. They jetted for a more advantageous position. Before they realized it, they were being chased. After a little rock wall, enough to give some security, the turned and faced their hunters.
They were up against eight tiger-like neomon as before called retigs. These looked much like normal tigers except they were green and brown so as to blend in more with the environment. Using the wall, these monsters surrounded the swordsman and his entrusted archer. They inched slowly, waiting for the moment to pounce.
Soon enough they made their move. Four of them leapt forward for an attack. The Guardian gauged them all in effort to determine which he would need to counter first. Luckily to his aid, the archer made use of the Elite Stone of Grass. She manipulated the vines and held two of the assaulters back.
Equipping his saiber armor and torch sword, Cyonex fired a boomer shot to slow down his first wave even more. Then he took out the remaining two one at a time. The others did not take too kindly to that. However, their real trouble became more apparent when Jenny began to snipe them out.
They were not easy targets, but the Shining Princess showed her skills with the bow once more, even if she had to use more than three arrows to take down one regit. The arrows gave David more time to focus on the other tigers.
After a little combat, David eliminated the second to last one when the remaining monster leapt up for an attack from behind. The youth had just turned around to counter when another arrow came right over his shoulder and pierced the tiger in the head, defeating it.
Taking a look at the angle she shot that arrow David announced, “Forget about Maid Marian, you might be as good as William Tell.”
“I won’t mind receiving an apple,” she replied satisfied with his compliments.
They continued through their trial. They had a few more encounters, but Jenny suggested climbing a tree so that she could just neofy the monsters from there. The plan worked well, until they were attacked by snake creatures called vevirs.
Eventually, the two youths reached an open bowl arena. At the edge awaited a peculiar shape. It was a Neostriker, but its armor was a brown All Terrain Vehicle, wheels included. On his right arm was a two barreled cannon.
Seeing the people he waited for emerge through the forest he called out, “Welcome, Cyonex the Falcon and, your highness, the Shining Princess! I am Gnugger, one of the Three Timeless Sentinels that safeguard the Ancient Neocards.”
“Ancient Neo… Isn’t that…” Jenny whispered to David at the paradox, but David only replied that he will explain it later.
“I take it I am supposed to fight you for one of the cards?” the warrior called out to the Sentinel.
“That is correct. Now come and see if you are worthy of the gift I have for you and your princess.”
The two warriors slid down the sloped walls and approached the center of the arena. Jenny stood atop of the cliff to observe, cheering for her friend. As David walked alongside the Sentinel, Zel reappeared to him.
“Nice of you to show up,” David spoke to his Asen.
“It looked like you were getting along fine,” the operator responded proudly.
“Oh well, so what are these Sentinels?”
“The Sentinels are those who guard the Ancient Neocards. I trust you know what they are. They haven’t changed.”
“So it’s still Guardian’s Block, Slash, and Power?” the dreamer inquired.
“Exactly. You will need these if you wish to be victorious in the final battle.”
The youth acknowledged the details and then began to focus on his opponent.  As they reached the center, a Nellenion field appeared around the arena. The Sentinel offered a repshor, which David gratefully accepted. After a moment’s pause to analyze each other, the match began.
 Gnugger started off with a strong stance and fired a load of shots from his barreled guns. The Falcon swiftly evaded the incoming fire. After gauging the speed and accuracy of the shots, David launched a counter attack. With the guise of a charged shot, he approached the anthropomorphic vehicle with Sudron in hand.
Unexpectedly, the Sentinel morphed into a vehicle and began charging head on. With the barrels now in the front, Gnugger drove toward Cyonex firing his guns. Giving up his attempt, the Guardian negated a few shots with Sudron and leapt over the four wheeled adversary. He anticipated that he would have a good chance to attack from behind, but the ATV Neostriker used the banked slopes to turn with ease.
“Should have realized that’s why it was like that,” David muttered under his breath.
“Definitely a different foe, but the transformation takes time to do,” Zel pointed out.
Realizing the vulnerability, the warrior waited for an opportunity. Soon enough, the Sentinel changed forms again and the Guardian tossed a bomb to explode just in time to take advantage of it.
The humanoid Gnugger responded with more fire power but without effect. The distance was just enough for David to dodge the shots. However, this meant that Cyonex could not approach either. His shots were even slower than Gnugger’s so they were useless. He knew that even if he were to move closer, the Sentinel would only morph again and attempt to run him over. Yet at the current rate, he would be worn out and easy prey. A different strategy was necessary.
Deciding upon a shadow tactic, Cyonex used his smoke screen neocard and tossed it over at his enemy. Surrounded by smoke, the Sentinel could no longer aim at his opponent. He proceeded to blind fire but it didn’t work. David fired a falcon’s blast and hit. Gnugger attempted to fire in the direction of the blast but was too late.
Next thing the Sentinel knew, the Falcon had dived down right next to him and made use of Sudron to deal a few blows. The vehicle Neostriker retreated from the smoke. Being in a disadvantageous state, he also had to suffer from the range of the sonic sword.
After finally escaping the fading smoke, Gnugger changed into his four-wheel drive mode and made a dash toward Cyonex. The warrior leapt once more, but landed on the Sentinel. David attempted to use the mega sword combo but got shook off when Gnugger transformed again.
Nevertheless, the momentum had shifted in David’s favor and he capitalized on it. The distance was no longer so great, and so he fired his gun. Gnugger still evaded the shots, but before he could counter, the Falcon had used his recover neocard to reuse the smoke screen.
Refusing to repeat the last experience, the Sentinel ran out as soon as possible. Unfortunately for him, the warrior with the flaming sword was waiting for that. In synch with his Asen, David used Full Power for a quick slash and then finished it off with Elite Fire.

As the Sentinel began to vanish, he applauded his worthy opponent and then became an orb of light and card. With the Nellenion field gone, Jenny slid down the wall and joined the victor. The orb did the same as before and disappeared after encompassing the princess. Meanwhile, David grabbed the card called, “Guardian’s Power.” After that, a passage way opened up. The two then walked through and returned to their world.

Episode 17: The Shift Tactic

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