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Episode 11: Wild Thing

Episode 10 Recap
          After failure in Sacramento, the company decided to lay low and visit Jenny's family. After seeing the people supporting the governor, David fought with Jenny about quitting and after rescuing her brother, does so.

EPISODE 11: Wild Thing

            The next day, Jenny and Brian went off to search for David. Along their way, Brian asked his sister why David ran off in the first place and hadn’t returned.
            “I’m sorry, Brian,” Jenny answered. “We had sort of an argument because he wanted to run. And I was foolish to yell at him telling him I never wanted to see him again.”
            “Why would you do that?” Brian inquired with a sad look in his eyes. “I thought you liked David.” Jenny blushed at this response. Her emotions were a wreck ever since David said he was going to give up his powers. She only wanted to find David and apologize for yelling at him like that. She had in fact grown quite fond of him throughout their journey.
            “I guess it’s because I liked him so much that I exploded on him,” she finally stated. “I didn’t want him to go and leave me,” she uttered with a sadness much deeper than Brian’s, yet she was still holding it together on the outside. “But if you blab this to anyone, I’ll personally tear you apart! You got that, Brian?!” she expressed with total control. When a girl opens up her feelings for that slight moment, you have to be careful, because a wrong move could merit you a death warrant.
            “Then why don’t you tell him that you like him?” Brian asked further, still a little confused on the complexities of women, but at least he wasn’t alone. In the history of the world, there probably has not been a man without some divine insight that has ever unraveled this mystery.
            “Because,” Jenny answered, “I don’t know if he feels the same, and if he doesn’t then I don’t know if we could ever stay as friends.”
            “But what if he thinks the same?” Brian added. It’s not like there wasn’t any truth in what he was saying. Relationships are a mystery of the world. For example, how could it be that a couple that look so good together split up over something so small. Humans are by far the most complex creatures in the world. They are probably the only living beings that have irony.
            “That’s why I wish he was more confident,” Jenny finally muttered under her breath as she was desperately looking for the young boy who had saved her time and time again.
            They continued looking. Jenny had tried David’s phone but it was off. They went to the plaza where there was a large crowd. As they were passing through, however, Brian could hear some people talking trash about Neocyx. One man said, “Did you hear that that bastard neokix or whatever his name is was at the Botanical Gardens last night?” A girl around Jenny’s age expressed to one of her friends, “I wish he would just disappear. What a loser.” Another girl replied, “I can’t believe he attacked our governor. That woman is great. I want to be like her.” All of these remarks caused Brian to stand still and just hear it all.
            It appeared that that day was the day to trash talk about the Shadow Fox. Brian had enough. He shouted, “YOU GUYS ARE ALL IDIOTS! HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THAT THE GOVERNOR IS THE ONE THAT’S EVIL?!” How else could he take it? All of these people were insulting his hero; the only other man he could look up to since Zack disappeared and his father got divorced and now even David was out of sight.
            One of the girls shouted back, “Get lost kid. Go home to your mommy.” One of the men also answered back. He said, “Boy you’re just a misguided kid. Go home before you get hurt.” By then, Celonret out of forms appeared behind Brian. He whispered into Brian’s ear with a smirk, “I say it’s time to teach these fools a lesson they will never forget.”
            Brian couldn’t but agree. His rage had been excited to a high degree. He took his phone and shouted, “NEOFORMATION!” When Jenny heard this call, she was shocked, she ran back toward Brian, not realizing that he fell back behind until she heard his first scream. When she got back to view, Brian had transformed into a green armored Neostriker. He had a silver belt, streaks on the helmet, claws, and two lines making a ‘V” at the symbol but stop before touching. The visor was a transparent red and from the seat of the armor emerged a green lizard-like tail.
            “Very good, Slacor, now go,” Celonret commanded.
            With his rage out of control, Slacor brought out his blades. He shouted out, “If it weren’t for you idiots, he never would have had to leave! YOU ARE FOOLS! He was only helping you and you turned against him! THE WORLD COULD DO WITHOUT SCUM LIKE YOU!!!”
            Brian was about ready to go on the attack and the crowd backed off quite a bit. Jenny pushed through the crowd and tried to reach out to Brian telling him to stop, but Slacor turned around and slashed at her! That would have been the end of her too if David didn’t come and pushed her down.
            With the two of them on the ground, David told her, “I never intended to ever break my promise to protect you.” Jenny’s heart was lightened by this comment but she was still worried about Brian. His rage had blinded him completely. He didn’t know who he was to hurt. In fact, he thought that the slash did the job and killed them already. Jenny exclaimed to David that the Neostriker was Brian.
            David stood up, there was a few feet between him and the crowd. The lizard Neostriker turned to face David. David saw the man with the smirk sneak into the crowd to watch. He would have gone after him if he wasn’t so concerned about saving Brian from himself. He almost believed that it was his fault that Brian had become this. He tried to reason with him.
            “If you admired Neocyx so much as a hero, then why are you trying to kill the people he sought to protect?” he asked.
            “Because they don’t deserve it! They praised him one day only to turn against him without a second thought! They deserve to die!” Slacor exclaimed. Things were really looking bad. Talking to Brian directly through a phone, Celonret commanded, “This guy is trying to fool you, strike him down now!”
          However, Brian was able to somewhat recognize David and responded, “But why do I feel like I know him?”
            “It must be a trick, he’s trying to lower your guard so he can attack you,” Celonret warned him as much of a lie as it was. The Daelian realized that David had some sort of influence over the boy and could possibly pull him out of his grip. Then, David spoke out.
            “Brian, can you even hear me?” he asked. “It’s me, David. You haven’t forgotten me, have you?”
            Brian heard his voice but the visor was screwing with him. What it showed wasn’t David, it was the right height but some features were skewed. Celonret was doing all he could to try to keep Slacor under his control. Brian then declared, “I’m going to rid this land of the evil it harbors! And no one is going to stop me!”
            David then countered, “Is that what you’re doing? How so?! You just attacked your own sister!” He declared this with a strong authoritative voice. Brian, not believing this, looked at the ground and focused really hard. It was Jenny!
            Now enraged at Celonret, he turned and yelled, “You liar, Celonret!” He just realized that he had been tricked. “You’re a Daelian, aren’t you?!”
            “You are,” Celonret declared through the phone link. “The Dark Power has taken its hold over you. There is no escaping it. You are now its slave.” With that, sparks of purple lightning appeared all around Slacor and shocked him, immobilizing him. The waves were so powerful, that all electronics nearby broke from the surge of energy.
            David, seeing this little boy being tormented so, felt sympathy. He wanted to help but he was no longer able to become Neocyx. He also knew that Jenny did not have all her powers yet. What could he do to save the boy who admired him so much? He was so close but was there anything he could do? He stretched out his hand to the little brother of the girl he cared so much for and touched the crest.
            When the young hero placed his hand over his friend’s crest, the waves of purple energy surged into him. Brian was being released from the bonds of the Dark Power, but that was because it was going directly into David. David was screaming in pain the whole time, but he never dropped his hand. He kept it there sternly in attempt to save the young lad. When the dark energy had been drained completely from Brian, David fell to the ground worn out and said in a weak voice, “Brian.”
            Brian’s visor turned from red to blue and he saw clearly David on the ground. Jenny got up and rushed to David’s side, begging him to be alright. Slacor turned to face Celonret. He called out, “You’ll pay for this trick, Celonret!”
            Celonret emerged from the crowd and entered forms. “No one who has ever joined forces with the Daelian Army has ever escaped. Dark Arena!” With the command said, a purple barrier, much like the Nellenion field appeared, but it captured in its grasp the entire plaza and everyone in it.
            Slacor responded, “I never wanted to join you. My wish was only to bring you down! I won’t let you spread this evil to the rest of the land!”
            “Oh, I know that was your wish. That was why you were so easy to fool, and potentially a great evil. Who is a greater dispenser of evil than one who thinks he’s doing right?!” he laughed maniacally. He took out a flaming staff and prepared himself for combat.
            “You’re gonna pay!” Brian yelled as he charged toward the Daelian with two blades out. He attacked but Celonret used his staff to block and counter. “Oh, you were such a fool. You honestly believed that I would help you in your quest and find your brother. He’s probably dead,” he taunted. Slacor got up again and tried to attack. He made a powerful driving thrust but it too was easily parried. The Daelian struck him and launched him into his sister, knocking them back toward the crowd. David laid on the ground weak and almost unconscious, able to do nothing.           “You’re too weak to go against me,” the Daelian announced. “You would have had a better chance with the Dark Power, but it seems to have found a new host. You have just lost your friend!” Celonret laughed madly. “And you wished to protect those close to you? Well I’ll show you failure!” He swung his staff and from it came a wave of fire aimed right at Jenny. Slacor stepped in the way of the attack and was de-formed.
            Celonret walked up to Brian and Jenny. Brian, having been neofied, was weak. Jenny was holding him up but could do nothing more, he was like dead weight.  “Sad part about heroes,” the Daelian began. “They always try to protect those they love and so sacrifice themselves. Little do they realize at the time that after they are defeated, the ones they saved are going to die next.” He raised his staff and was ready to kill Jenny.
            David was still on the ground, weak from the dark energy entering his body. He was watching it all in agony. He wanted to help so much but couldn’t do anything. In his thoughts, he was pleading for help. “Please, Zel. I need to save Jenny. Let me fight for her, please!” he cried out in his mind but he soon turned to despair. “He said he’d always watch over me,” he thought. Everything was going horrible. The people were against him, but he didn’t care about that then. He just wanted to save the girl he cared for and her brother that admired him so much.
            As despair was setting in and Celonret was about to strike, David entered a vision. He was inside a dark and murky place. A dark armored Neostriker with the horns of a bull and a glowing red visor appeared.
“Do you wish to save your friends?” the dark figure asked ominously. “Do you wish to save the girl that you love?” it asked again. ‘I can give you the power you need.” David, being desperate and not thinking shouted out, “Yes! Please! Give me this power!” The figure replied, “As you wish!” and proceeded to cackle with a sinister delight.
Back in the real world, David began screaming and rolling around in agony and the waves of dark energy were lashing out everywhere. Celonret, distracted by this event turned to witness it. David cried out, “What’s happening to me?!” as he was screaming. Soon the screaming turned into hideous screeches as if from a monster bird. A purple aura enveloped David and he let out one more screech and neoformation happened.
When the light of neoformation vanished, the dust had to still settle down. A massive energy spike had made a cloud of dust in the air. The dust came down and a figure was made visible. David had become a red and brown armored Neostriker but like a beast no one had ever seen. The head was similar to that of a legendary dragon but you could make out details of a great bird of prey. The wings were also like that of a great red dragon. On his breast was a kind of brown hair around the crest. He had sharp yellow talons and claws and a strong red tail.
When Celonret saw this transformation, he was pleased. “Neoformation without the use of a Neot; and such a powerful one nonetheless,” he remarked. He then called out, “Welcome to the Daelian Army, my new pet.” Jenny and Brian were scared. They knew how Brian was with the Dark Power as opposed to without it. However, Brian’s case was that the dark energy was fused with his form, not directly in his body.
The beast flapped its wings and scowled. It then, with a hoarse voice, cried out, “Don’t fool yourself. No one controls me!” He leaped toward Celonret, and with such speed. Before anyone could react, David’s claw had thrown the Daelian straight up. The beast then launched up and met the prey in mid air and slashed him down with a flaming claw. Not even in the NBA had anyone seen a more forceful slam with one hand.
Celonret unleashed another one of his flaming waves at the beast, but with a flap of his wings, David neutralized it. The Daelian then tried the cowardly tactic of attacking the people, but before he could, the dragon-falcon dived down and broke the staff. He then drove the Daelian against the wall and threw him down. Then, flying over Celonret, he fired from his hand a rapid blast. Celonret tried to get up again, but the beast came down and with another flaming claw, sent him flying to the other side neofied. The Dark Arena vanished, but they weren’t out of trouble.    
Jenny ran toward David to see if it was all good, but as she got closer, she could hear David’s voice. “G-get out of here. I-I can’t control it much longer,” he said shakily. Jenny tried to calm him down as she moved closer but then David yelled, “GET OUT OF HERE!” and with that, from his crest, the purple lightning returned and began shocking him violently. When it ended, the eyes had become a bright red. He leaped onto Jenny and put her on the ground, with her neck locked by one of his claws.
The wild beast was about to strike with his flaming claw until he saw Jenny’s pendant. David recognized it and tried to fight the urge to attack her. Jenny, though tears were beginning to fill her eyes, could see the resistance in his hand. The beast let out another screech, but this one felt almost like David was trying to apologize.
At that instant, out of the blue sky, came a shot and struck the beast’s back. The dragon-hawk released Jenny and turned to face its opponent. Then, a purple blast hit the beast followed by a whitish one with green sparks. From the air dropped Cepos and the Wolf, and Knaidow appeared from nowhere. Soon to follow was a Nellenion field to encase the four Neostrikers.
“Well, well, a beast mode,” Cepos said.
            “I can’t believe he absorbed all that dark energy and was able to fight it for so long,” Knaidow exclaimed. “Definitely a strong spirit, right Shatl?” He said this as he turned to the green-armored Neostriker beside him, who David currently knew as the Wolf.
            “Be careful guys, it’s not just an ordinary beast mode, it’s Faldrak!” Shatl declared. “We either need to defeat it or wait for him to run out of energy.”
            “Then let’s do this,” Cepos shouted cocking his gun.
            Faldrak let out a high pitched cry and then dashed toward Shatl with his claws ready to tear. Shatl was able to hold off by using Widrond. Faldrak was ready to deliver a powerful punch when Cepos sniped the right wing. The beast then turned its attention to the sniper and flew toward him. He almost reached him when he was hit by another of Knaidow’s blasts from above. The Thief of the Night then vanished but the beast was able to detect his location and slashed him. Shatl then swings his blade in a circular motion above his head and then points it toward the beast. From the tip of the sword came a small tornado, but the beast mode easily evaded it and attacked Shatl. The wolf-eared Neostriker manages to fend him off with his mighty sword and Knaidow soon relieved him with another blast. Faldrak turned toward him, but Knaidow vanished again even if for little effect. The beast was able to fire a blast with pinpoint accuracy and the Thief of the Night reappeared flinching.
            Who was winning at that point was hard to tell. The three warriors knew that not many hits from the beast would take them out and Knaidow had received two. Their plan also depended on having more than one fighter to distract the wild beast. Shatl returned to hack the dragon-falcon. This time, however, the beast sensed him and delivered a counter blow that sent the wolf-eared warrior flying back. Faldrak was ready to go for the kill but Knaidow and Cepos kept firing one after the other, confusing the beast on whom to attack.
            “Cepos! Stun him for a sec!” Shatl yelled out. The sniper changed his ammo and fired a paralysis shot, it took a few before Faldrak finally became stunned. Shatl then took Widrond and swung it to his side. A white aura surrounded the blade and Shatl charged in with the Cyclonic Wind Slash, neofying the mighty Faldrak. David, fell to the ground weak and muttered, “Jenny… I’m sorry,” and then fell unconscious.
            “Such raw power,” Shatl stated over the body of David. The Nellenion field had fallen and Jenny ran to David’s side. Cepos had to stick out his arm to keep her from getting closer. The crowd also moved in to see the seventeen-year old
            “I’m so glad you have that move, man.” Knaidow stated.
            “As am I,” the sword wielding Neostriker replied.
 “We can’t leave him in the city. We need to take him away for treatment,” Cepos spoke.
Shatl said to Knaidow, “Yeah. Will you do the honors, my friend?”

            The Thief of the Night picked up the fallen warrior. Jenny then finally found words to say and asked if he was alright. Knaidow answered by saying. “Don’t worry, pretty girl. He’ll wake up in a while, but we need to give him our treatment so this won’t happen again.” With that, they went off and disappeared thanks in part to Cepos’ smoke screen.

Episode 12: The Warrior of Fire

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