Episode List

In my book, I divided sections into episodes. I found that as I was writing, each chapter acted like an episode in a TV series, despite being at different lengths. In all, there are 24 episodes, enough for a series. As I publish more episodes, I will update this page with links to the proper page. Enjoy!

J.D. Nyle
Episode List
  • Prologue: Release 5/28/14
  1. Dream into Reality: 5/28/14
  2. The Shining Princess:  5/31/14
  3. Blazing Top: 6/4/14
  4. Setting Out: 6/7/14
  5. Thief of the Night: 6/11/14
  6. The Sword of Thunder: 6/14/14
  7. Wind Storm: 6/21/14
  8. Tactical Maneuvering: 6/25/14
  9. National Plan: 7/2/14
  10. Fall of a Hero: 7/5/14
  11. Wild Thing: 7/9/14
  12. The Warrior of Fire: 7/12/14
  13. The Warrior of Lightning: 7/23/14
  14. The Orphaned Girl: 7/26/14
  15. The Cave of Darkness: 7/30/14
  16. Jungle Adventure: 8/6/14
  17. The Shift Tactic: 8/9/14
  18. The Bird and the Samurai: 8/13/14
  19. Fire and Lightning: 8/16/14
  20. Ensis Angeli: 8/20/14
  21. Stealth and Tactics: 8/27/14
  22. The Match of Seals, Wind and Fire: 8/30/14
  23. The Battle of Fort Tempest: 9/6/14
  24. A Shining Hero: 9/6/14
The Future of Neostriker
I'm currently no accepting fanfiction at the moment. I do look forward to reading them, but right now there is no time for going through them.

I also shared half of it on Wattpad if you would like to read it on your tablet. If you like the story, please tell your friends. I would totally love to publish a hardcopy version to make it easier to read but I need support. At the moment, the only thing I can add to it is a page for each episode devoted to how I designed the chapters, characters, and ideas that changed. Unfortunately, that alone isn't enough to convince publishers that it will sell so I need some vocal support. Maybe we need a twitter campaign #publishNeostriker

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