Monday, July 11, 2016

Change in Update Schedule

Dear Readers,
    Due to a change in priorities and circumstances, I've changing my update schedule to be once a month instead of bi-weekly. I'm still working on getting Shining published, but that's taking a bit more time than I thought. I wanted it done by the beginning of last month, but the prospective publisher hasn't given me any details yet. I'm also waiting for some cover art. I was tempted to do it myself, but that would require me to take lessons in art and for my wrist to be healthy.
    The next novel is planned out, but the time I have to write is very limited. The addition of my wrist taking so long to recover also was a major factor. Also, there are other projects that require my attention, as well as work and family. I was hoping that I would have an additional two hours to focus on the novel, but that did not come to be.
    I do intend to eventually write that novel, along with all the others I have planned. However, it will take quite some time. For this to change, I would either need a team or a large enough profit that would allow me to quit my job. We'll see how Shining goes.

Until next time,
J. D. Nyle

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