Saturday, November 1, 2014

Inspirations: Legend of Zelda

    A long time ago, a game released for a legendary console. This game would mark the beginning of a new era. The opening scene left me in awe as I saw a colorful world. This game was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While the graphics are certainly outdated now, this game was perfect for a dreamer like myself. I didn't own the game myself. I actually only saw snippets of gameplay at a friend's house, but those glimpses were enough. Swordplay has always hold a dear place in my heart. This could be attributed to the Legend of Zelda, but also movies and tv shows like Zorro, The Three Musketeers, and Star Wars. However, there was one other series that I was watching that helped the Legend of Zelda influence my imagination; Redwall.    With Redwall and Ocarina of Time as the backdrop for a fantasy world, I began my fantastical adventures. However, not knowing much about the Legend of Zelda series, I committed the same mistake as many and thought the main character's name was Zelda (I actually heard this in the store today when two girls were talking about Super Smash Bros.). This mistake led to me naming my character Zel. It wouldn't be until I played Super Smash Bros. that I learned the truth but I kept the name because I had grown attached to it.
     At the same time I was introduced to these fantasy worlds, I was playing another game that would influence my imagination. This game was Mega Man Xtreme. As I was focused in the worlds of both Mega Man and Zelda, I quickly began to blend the two, leading to the development that Zel was Xagem and my first mixture of two fairly different genres. Eventually, I would settle for more of a Mega Man environment and character design, but I would incorporate the idea of dungeons, exploration, and items from the beloved fantasy series. My next intended story is planned to focus more on those elements and less on battles. Hopefully I do a good job.

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