Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inspirations: Pokemon

    I'm sorry for the delay in writing this first update. Certain circumstances have kept me busy but I hope everything shall be calm for a moment. I hinted a while back that I wanted to go over the many inspirations for Neostriker. The first one I will cover is the one that began the long chain: Pokemon.
    Neostriker began it's life as a Pokemon clone. Back when I was very little, Pokemon was absolutely amazing. I believe I went through about 3 different variations before I finally arrived at what would become Neostriker. I remember how I would play Pokemon Blue over and over, and even though the series was banned in my house, I still managed to watch some of the original TV show. These glimpses would unlock my imagination as I would pretend and design more "pokemon" and play with them.
    The first little monster that I recall designing was based off a fox plushie I got as a kid. Now those who read Shining might realize that the first neomon that is friendly happens to be a fox-type. Coincidence? Anyways, you may also have noticed how there is not much you could say is inspired from Pokemon throughout the book. That is the case because, as I said before, it was banned in my house. Eventually I didn't care and I decided to move on to other series for inspiration. So even though Neostriker began it's life with heavy Pokemon influences, I eventually moved away and decided it best not to keep it. There is more to the story, but I feel like it's best to save it for later.

Until Next Time,
J. D. Nyle

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