Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello and Plans

Hello Everyone!
    I am J. D. Nyle. I started this blog in hopes of beginning the launch of my project for the past 15 years, Neostriker. This universe I have designed has been my secret pride and now I hope to share it with you!
    I have written a story, with the first draft completed over 5 years ago. Now, the editing is near completion as I debated how I wanted to publish it. Before, I've kept my story a secret, written as practice before I began my official series. However, as time went on, I began to think it might be worth sharing as I prepare for my next story which I have always intended to publish. Part of the reason for this change is I realized the concepts in my story, though original to me, have been explored partially in series I never heard about until after I finished another draft last year. Since then, I realized that if I kept sitting on this project, people would not give me credit for the ideas I have developed on my own. As a result, I hope that by launching my project, it will establish my work as it was.
    I do not mean to say that I did not take inspiration from other works. In fact, that is impossible to do. However, the inspiration I have taken were simply the building blocks. What I have done with those blocks I consider to be my own creation, and a few years ago, I certainly thought it was original.
   As I mentioned before, I do intend to publish my story and on this blog! My plan is to serialize the story, releasing a few chapters, called episodes, a week. With the longer chapters, it will probably be only one chapter a week. Either way, I plan to have the entire story published within 15 weeks. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading the first story in my Neostriker series, Shining.

J.D. Nyle

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